Thursday, September 26, 2019

Immigration reform Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Immigration reform - Term Paper Example While these countries have immigration policies, they have often grappled with challenges brought about by the immigration. The main immigration problem that they have been facing relates to illegal immigration where the immigrants fail to follow the proper channels for immigration (Allport 19). The United States has been experiencing the problem of illegal immigration for many years as immigrants attempt or actually enter the country illegally through the border between the United States and Mexico, or entering the country legally but overstay their visas. It is against this background that the United States Reform debate is particularly targeting the challenge of between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants within its borders (Stolz 21). The debate about immigration reform in the United States has been revolving around how to address the challenge of illegal immigration. While the focus of the debate is the same, the approach that is proposed by various individuals and groups diffe r in a number of ways. There have been different positions over the debate and how the reforms should be packaged (Hinojosa-Ojeda 178). A closer look at different positions point out to the fact that all the positions have taken either side of these two positions: on one side, there are individuals and groups who are focused mainly on the enforcement, while on the other side are those who are pro-amnesty. My position is that amnesty should be granted to the illegal immigrants, but efforts should be enhanced to prevent illegal immigration in the future. This position is informed by the view that this is the most practical solution to the problem of illegal immigration and considers all the aspects of the complex issue of immigration (Newton 41). This paper will be approached through comparative approach and analysis where various theories and perspectives will be analyzed in respect to this topic. After comparative analysis, solutions to this problem will be proposed. Comparative and Analysis One of the main theories that have been used in the immigration reform debate is social contract theory. This theory holds that the state has authority over its citizens and any other individual within its borders. It further argues that since individuals have consented to surrender certain freedoms to the state in exchange for protection of the remaining rights, they ought to submit to the state’s laws and policies. Those who use this theory in the debate believe that enforcement is vital in the immigration report and that the government should use its authority to regulate immigration and prevent illegal immigration (Allport 77). Classical liberalism theory has also been used by various individuals and groups in the debate about immigration reform. This theory advocates limited government and individual rights under the constitution and rule of law. The theory stresses minimal government and economic freedom. Those who subscribes to this theory are of the view tha t illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty (Muwonge 24). This view is informed by the argument of classical liberalism theory that emphasizes protection and guaranteeing of individual rights. While it is true that these individuals violated the law and were not procedural while entering into the United States, those who subscribe to this theory argue that their rights should be protected and they should be allowed to pursue

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