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DBQ #1 essays

DBQ #1 essays Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. In 1607 when the New England and the Chesapeake region colonies planted was intended originally for the same purpose, becoming independent of Spain. So exactly why did this difference in development occur? The three major factors were location, attitudes, and beliefs. With a difference in location, attitudes and beliefs where one is from seems to be of little or no importance! Which factor played the biggest part is almost impossible to decide. The locations of the two colonies are in and of itself were completely opposite. The New England Colony's growing season was shorter than that of the Chesapeake regions was. The New England Colony's land was poor and you could not collect furs or even fish very easily, making life difficult. The local Indians taught the settlers how to grow maize. The Chesapeake region settlers did not know how to make the best of the areas wildlife and fish. In addition, one could not depend on supplies from England. The attitude made a big difference also. The New England colony had a positive attitude for the most part. The Chesapeake region had several problems with people's attitude. When the settlers started to plant and farm the well to do adventurers did not like the idea of manual labor. They came here for different reasons (money) not to make a farm settlement. Beliefs were incredibly different. The New England Colonies John Winthrop wrote the famous sermon A model of Christian Charity aboard the Arbella on the Atlantic Ocean. It deals with primarily with equality. It also recognized the fact that there were different conditions of humankind, That God in his holy and wise ways had decided. Someone else's problems were your problems and vise versa. It also acknowledged the importance of working together i ...

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3 More Examples of Misplaced Modifiers

3 More Examples of Misplaced Modifiers 3 More Examples of Misplaced Modifiers 3 More Examples of Misplaced Modifiers By Mark Nichol Words and phrases that provide additional information to clarify relationships between people, places, or things should, for the sake of clarity, be carefully placed to aid readers in understanding a statement. In each of the following sentences, the writer has failed to achieve that goal. Discussions explain the problems, and revisions resolve them. 1. Mistakes can only be acted on and shared across the company when they are discussed, not hidden. Listeners do not bat an eye when a speaker prematurely utters an errant only, but in writing, place it immediately before the pertinent verb or verb phrase: â€Å"Mistakes can be acted on and shared across the company only when they are discussed, not hidden.† (The original placement erroneously suggests that acting on and sharing mistakes is all that can be done in response to them; the revision correctly associates the word with discussion.) 2. The agency should work to protect both the environment and enable a growing economy. Similarly, both is often incorrectly located, but this usage is more patently problematic than casual placement of only. When both follows a verb, what comes after should be parallel nouns or noun phrases, each of which pertains to the verb. Here, both refers to not only the verb protect (and the noun that follows) but also the verb enable (and the noun phrase that follows), so it must precede both verbs: â€Å"The agency should work to both protect the environment and enable a growing economy.† 3. At least two men were escorted out of the meeting by police officers, one of whom had to be carried. The syntax of this sentence suggests that one of the police officers, rather than one of the two men, had to be carried. Readers will recognize the intent of the statement, but a writer should not make readers work to comprehend what is written; â€Å"two men† and â€Å"one of whom had to be carried† should be adjacent to each other: â€Å"At least two men, one of whom had to be carried, were escorted out of the meeting by police officers.† (An alternative, active revision is â€Å"Police officers escorted at least two men, one of whom had to be carried, from the meeting.†) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:45 Synonyms for â€Å"Food†36 Poetry TermsTrooper or Trouper?

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World Trade Organization Benefits Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

World Trade Organization Benefits - Assignment Example The past history has seen many wars that erupted due to the hostile feeling for each other that existed between the nations, the element of hostility in the trade and exchange was one of those reasons. After the Second World War, when there was a slight realization of avoiding the atmosphere of trade tension, an international level organization was brought into play which was called General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). W.T.O is a platform that has bridged various nations of the world onto a single platform, it has been in action since 1995, through which they achieve exchange of goods, and material and benefit their own economies as well as the regional economies. It has a pre defined set of rules that are created in the most suitable manner with focus on international peace and trade promotion. The modern world and its citizens have benefited in a considerable amount from this body and it has provided innumerable benefits to the modern industrial era, few of those advantag es and benefits are as follows: Element of peace: The incumbent body in place has made many things possible which would otherwise be not possible. It has given hope for a better world which would be dominated by the peaceful exchange of goods and material, since trade always enables the exchange of good feeling between the two parties, therefore W.T.O in a subsided manner plays the role of peacekeeping and relationship building as well. Trade and exchange opens routes for exploration and harmony. W.T.O while being a very large scale entity has the privilege of bringing about various nations which were long engulfed in chains of hatred and distances. While it was evident in past that many countries could not engage in a bi lateral trade amongst each other due to various reasons, the W.T.O has wiped off that excuse and has engaged many nations in trade relations through means of third party trade and multi lateral exchange on a large scale. The W.T.O provides a platform which in a gen tle manner obliges various nations to start trade which each other regardless of their previous history of disputes and tussles that may have existed in past. History can be dug to find out that many disputes over trade resulted in large scale wars, however on the contrary to that perception; world trade organization provides a platform for resolving all disputed issues pertaining to the trade and exchange. Inclusion of Saudi Arabia: The inclusion of Saudi Arabia is believed to benefit the organization, its partner companies as well as Saudi Arabia itself. For this reason, Saudi Arabia has under gone number of steps that would further ease its process towards the entry into the large international block. Abiding by these laws, it would benefit the Saudi local market and would improve the standard of living and benefit the government, local investors and the citizens. Role of Third party mediator: While some critics may argue that trade and exchange may engulf various nations into di sputes and disagreements, this fear is grounded through the presence of a centralized body in form of W.T.O. It plays the role of mediator and ensures that no party violates the rules or reaches to a level which is unacceptable and beyond the manifesto of the W.T.O accord. W.T.O obliges nations to bring their disputes to the table and strictly prohibits each member from taking any individual action which is against the rules specified. Definition of Rules: An undeniable fact of every business of the world is existence of rules, be it small scale exchange or large scale exchange between two nations or two groups of nations, rules are must for any exchange. The advantage of W.T.O is the fact that it has enabled

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Lojack and Micrologic Alliance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Lojack and Micrologic Alliance - Assignment Example The intention of this study is the alliance between Lojack and Micrologic as an example of upstream vertical (supplier) alliance. Alliances between companies can be horizontal and vertical. Direct horizontal relations are those in which the company reaches a tactic understanding with its competitors. This understanding might be related to price or other factors. Indirect horizontal alliances are often done with industry outsiders – these alliances help both the companies in research or other factors and do not create a conflict of interest between them. Upstream vertical alliances are done with suppliers. Lojack did not produce the theft detection system. Most of the production and technological work related to the product was done by Micrologic. Thus the alliance is an example of upstream vertical alliance along with the supplier. The other type of vertical alliance is the downstream alliance which is done with buyers. The stolen vehicle recovery system (SRV) had to involve p olitical and regulatory actors such as FCC (Federal communication system as well as various law enforcement agencies. It also involved the partnership with car dealers as well as the technology provider – Motorola. Thus the alliance between Lojack and Micrologic also involved a number of other relational actors. The initial objective of the alliance between the 2 players was intended to develop the necessary base software and equipment and to obtain FCC approves technology for the SVR system. However over a period of time the two have changed strategic objectives – Micrologic now wishes to use the alliance in order to use the marketing network of Lojack. ... ever over a period of time the two have changed strategic objectives – Micrologic now wishes to use the alliance in order to use the marketing network of Lojack. This shows that the objectives of an alliance can vary over a period of time. As the strategic objectives of the firms involved changes, the nature of partnership between them also changes. (George Stonehouse, 2004) They tend to leverage sources or integrate activities with other firm which tend to maximise their value proposition. Evaluation of the Partnership Making partnership is not a very difficult phenomenon. In this age of various multinational companies there are numerous opportunities available for collaboration. However the important thing to do is to evaluate the different collaborations. Evaluation helps both the firms to consider what are the objectives of the partnership, what they have done to achieve them and how do they want to move ahead. Evaluation helps the firm to understand how they need to work in the partnership; it helps both the partners to improve management processes and procedures. They are able to analyse the objectives which had been set by the firms initially and allows for a revision in this objectives if the need arises. Effectiveness of partnerships is important at three levels – input, output and impact. Input factors involve the partners working with each other. Both partners may bring different inputs to the partnership. In the case we are analysing the input from Micrologic was technical expertise whereas the input for Lojack was distribution and marketing strength. Output is the result of the work done by the partners together. The input and output factors both combine in order to create an impact. We will use the life cycle model of evaluating the partnerships in

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The reproduction of the cats Essay Example for Free

The reproduction of the cats Essay Cats are prolific breeders. Females take just 6 to 9 months to reach sexual maturity; but it is not unheard of for female kittens as young as 4 months to become pregnant. Males mature a bit later but both sexes can breed before they are a year old. Although female can become pregnant at any time of the year, there are specific mating seasons when cats become sexually active. In northern Europe it is usual for domestic female cats to come into heat (estrus cycle) in January and then again in June. The estrus cycle is the period in the female reproduction cycle when mating is most likely to occur. A heat period lasts about 4 to 7 days if the cat is mated and longer otherwise. Female cats indicate their readiness to mate by calling for male company with a special type of yowl, which like the (highly vocal) mating itself has often disturbed the sleep of humans who live in the vicinity. One of the most interesting features of the reproductive process of cats is a phenomenon known as induced ovulation. The male cats penis has backward pointing spines which scratch the interior of its partner, and cause ovulation to occur. Because pregnancy will not take place without this stimulus, quite often the first cats to mate with a queen with not father any kittens. However, the super-fertility of cats means that once she gets started, the female is capable of having a number of partners, and bearing kittens from several fathers in the same litter. The mothers eggs are fertilized in the oviduct and arrive in the uterus 4-5 days after mating. Cats do not go about the process quietly, and to the unpracticed ear the process sounds remarkably like a prolonged and very vocal cat-fight. Pregnancy lasts between 56 and 71 days, with the average pregnancy taking 68 days. Litters are most commonly of 3-6 kittens, but a single litter may have as many as nine. The record was a litter 19 kittens; the mother being a Burmese/Siamese cross from Oxford shire in England. The kittens were born on the 7th of August. Unfortunately four of the kittens were stillborn. Lets meet at the milk bar A few days before she is due to give birth the pregnant female will become restless and will look for the best nest. This will normally be quiet, warm and in one of the darker parts of the house. This is where she will give birth. It is a good idea not to disturb her in her nesting place. Kittens are both blind and deaf when born but otherwise well developed. They are, for example, more responsive than newborn puppies. A newborn kitten has a very good sense of smell and she will soon select a teat to feed from and will suck at no other. A kitten will be ready to play at three weeks old and will be fully weaned by 8 weeks. The mother can come into heat as soon as four weeks after giving birth. If the kittens are pedigreed, the father is referred to as the sire and the technical term for the mother is the dam. As we said earlier cats are prolific breeders and can breed throughout their lifespan. Again dipping to a feline book of records we will find that the most prolific breeder ever recorded was a tabby from Texas, USA called Dusty. She produced 420 kittens, the last litter being in 1952. Although fertility may gradually decline over time, cats do not go through the menopause. Therefore there is no age after which a female cat can no longer become pregnant. Indeed the oldest cat to have a litter was Litty, who gave birth to two kittens in May 1987 when she was 30 years old. With this birthrate it is no wonder than left to itself the feline population will quickly run out of control. It has been estimated that in a 12-year lifespan, without human intervention, a single female cat could be responsible for as many as 3500 descendants. There are already too many cats born each year and sadly, many are destroyed. It is therefore important that the cats are neutered as early as possible. Neutered cats are much better pets and studies have also shown that females spayed before they are six months have a significantly reduced risk of mammary (breast) cancer. It is also the case that if male cats are spayed later, they may continue aggressive scent-marking (spraying with urine), out of sheer force of habit.

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Tell Tale Heart :: Essays Papers

Tell Tale Heart "True!--nervous--very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses--not destroyed--not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heavens and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad?" "...Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded--with what caution--with what foresight--with what dissimulation I went to work! I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him." It is impossible to say how the idea of murdering the old man first entered the mind of the narrator. There was no real motive as stated by the narrator: "Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me....For his gold I had no desire. I think that it was his eye!" The narrator states that one of the old man's eyes was a pale blue color with a film over it, which resembled the eye of a vulture. Just the sight of that eye made the narrator's blood run cold, and as a result, the eye (and with it the old man) must be destroyed. Every night at midnight, the narrator went to the old man's room. Carefully, he turned the latch to the door, and opened it without making a sound. When a sufficient opening had been made, a covered lantern was thrust inside. "I undid the lantern cautiously...(for the hindges creaked)--I undid it just so much that a single thin ray fell upon the vulture eye. And this I did for seven long nights...but I found the eye always closed; and so it was impossible to do the work; for it was not the old man who vexed me, but his Evil Eye." The old man suspected nothing. During the day, the narrator continued to perform his usual duties, and even dared to ask each morning how the old man had passed the night; however, at midnight, the nightly ritual continued. Upon the eighth night, the narrator proceeded to the old man's room as usual; however, on this night, something was different. "Never before that night had I felt the extent of my powers--of my sagacity.

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Summary of “Campus Crusade for Guys”

In â€Å"The Campus Crusade for Guys† Sarah Karnasiewicz introduces Michael Thompson, a child psychologist who supports the life of American boys. Thompson is a bestselling author of â€Å"Raising Cain† and is an educational speaker on television for troubled boys. Although he supports American boys he has a daughter of his own, so he does not agree that boys should be given a better opportunity getting into colleges. Despite Thompson’s opinion on the opportunity for boys this is what is happening in colleges today (909).Statistics have changed over the years, showing that now more women apply to college and stick with it. In the early days of coeducation the ratio of men and women on campus revealed that more men were attending college. Men nowadays don’t even apply for college, and the ones that do apply don’t stay long or they do poorly in school (909). If decisions were to be based on gender it would be considered political, but it is very likel y for a battle to be brought up about this topic. Politicians are putting in the news and public media that boys have been abandoned by their schools and communities. Also you can read this summary –  Protecting Freedom of Expression on the CampusTalk show host have also jumped in on this and accused schools of isolating boys. On this topic Thompson says that the education for boys has actually improved and not worsened. Writers from different news articles have stated many opinions on this topic. Starting off the argument one said that years from now women are going to have a hard time finding husbands with all their education. In response to that a women said that years earlier when she was in school and men made up the majority no one was worried about them finding wives, so what’s the difference (910)?Karnasiewicz states that the gender gap is not news; it has been going on for multiple years. A lawsuit was filed about fourteen years ago against the University of Georgia in Athens for trying to equal out the genders on campus. A gender based case where the school was giving male applications better scores when applying because they wanted to even out gender. When this case was brought to the district court the judge wasn’t swayed that the University was only trying to help the minority (910). The University of Georgia’s gender based case has completely stopped favorable action for men.Thompson believes there are already enough favorable actions for men out there; and that it is very likely there is a girl out there that has not got accepted into college because the administration was trying to even out the proportion. With these actions in place already people set out to study the admissions of college students. During their study they took data from thirteen schools and over fifty percent was women acceptance (911). The study that took place at these thirteen colleges showed that gender inequity was most severe at schools that were once single-sex.This study proved that males were more statistically had a better chance of getting accepted. The study also showed that once the application sta rted to weigh more towards the women’s side an affirmative action steps in for men (911). A common ratio at colleges is forty to sixty. This ratio is not just common at previous single-sex schools this is common throughout the nation. Colleges keep track of that ratio and look forward to it becoming a tighter ratio in years to come. Now is not the time for colleges to play a role in gender equality on campus (912).Colleges are changes applications and getting sports that appeal to men to get more men to be accepted into college. People say that there is no difference between the mind of a female and the mind of a male but the advertising business has no doubt there is. At conferences and internal marketing at colleges have a recruiter just for men to make sure they have things that will attract men to that college (912). Boys are normally attracted to technology, so school play up the technological aspect and show men what college looks like in a way they’ve never seen .Other schools find it fit to put pictures of happy, muscular men in their catalog to attract men to their campus. College campus’ are without a doubt trying to advertise themselves to men now instead of women. Even when boys are accepted and go to college they are not as focused as women are; women seem to think that there will be a negative consequence if they don’t do well in college (913). A study shows that the gender gap is related to economics. Women are more concerned with getting a higher education because with a bachelor’s degree women would get paid more than women without.Men on the other hand are not as concerned because there is no significant difference in pay whether he has a bachelor’s degree or not (913). Another opinion is that the careers that are growing now are healthcare, education, leisure and travel, and the services. All the fields are what women are good at and not men so if men want a good job for the future then they need to g et an education. Problems that are arising are that women are replacing children with education and careers. This meaning that not enough children are being born and the population is going down with the increase of women enrolled in college (914).The problem with boys all starts in primary school; female students are more successful then male students in an early age. When it comes to college the administration looks back on everything you have done before then. The better opportunities for boys need to come sooner than college. Thompson said that his mission is to get people to see and think about boys in the vision as they do for girls (915). Work Cited Lunsford, Andrea A. , John J. Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters. â€Å"The Campus Crusade for Guys. † Everything's an Argument: With Readings. 5th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2007. 909-15. Print.

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Memorandum of Agreement

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT This Memorandum of Agreement (herein referred to as â€Å"Agreement†) is made and entered into the City of Cabanatuan, Philippines by and between: Land Bank of the Philippines â€Å"Land Bank of the Philippines† with office address at 3/F Land Bank Building, Gabaldon St. , Cabanatuan City, Represented by its Department Manager II, Nueva Ecija Lending Center, Mr. Eduardo N. Reyes, Jr. , herein after referred to as Land Bank of the Philippines. -and- WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES â€Å"WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES†, Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, represented by Dean, College of Business and Accountancy, DR.MARIA VICTORIA M. ALVAREZ herein after referred to as WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES. WHEREAS, Land Bank of the Philippines in its concern to enhance the training and development of more and better professionals, has teamed up with WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES for an On-The-Job Training Prog ram (â€Å"Program†) to provide training and support to the students of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES, College of Business and Accountancy on the current trends and latest developments in the industry, and, to expose them to actual industry situations, thereby enhancing their formal schooling.NOW, therefore, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, Land Bank of the Philippines and WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES hereby agree on and stipulate the following: MR. EDUARDO N. REYES, JR. DM II – Department Manager/Head, NELC A. Land Bank of the Philippines shall: 1. Undertake the selection process of the recommended students in adherence to Land Bank of the Philippines policies and guidelines in the section for its purpose; 2.Provide the venue3 and assign personnel to take charge as well as supervise on-the-job training of students; 3. Provide WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES students information, training, and support; 4. Provide stude nts exposure to actual office environment; 5. Accomplish the evaluation forms required by WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES in connection with to the on-the-job training of their students; 6. Issue certificate of completion to students who successfully finished their training under this program; and 7.Designate an employee who will coordinate with WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES the various activities under this program. DR. MARIA VICTORIA M. ALVAREZ Dean, College of Business and Accountancy B. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES shall: 1. Recommend students who will undergo on-the-job training under this program for final selection,/acceptance by Land Bank of the Philippines; 2. Designate a Representative who will coordinate with Land Bank of the Philippines on the various activities under this program; and 3.Together with the students, faculty and parents concerned renounce and waive any claim against Land Bank of the Philippines for any injury or loss that th e trainees may suffer, personal or pecuniary, in the performance of their duties and functions while under the training not attributable to the negligence or willful act of any of the personnel of Land Bank of the Philippines. The waivers of the concerned parties shall be submitted to Land Bank of the Philippines prior to the commencement of the training, which forms part of this agreement.C. Under this program, the following terms and conditions are likewise included: 1. It is expressly understood that there will be no employer-employee relationship between Land Bank of the Philippines and the trainees of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES; 2. The trainees will be personally for any and all liabilities for damage to property or injury to third persons, which may be occasioned by their international or negligent acts while in the course of their training; 3. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY –PHILIPPINES shall see to it that the trainees complete the agreed scope of work within the a greed duration of the program; 4. It is expressly understood by WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES, and the trainees that all the information on technology, manufacturing process, process standards, quality assurance methodologies, quality standards, production capabilities, raw material processing, finance, and all other related documents, manuals, and operational or technical matters that Land Bank of the Philippines shall make available to them shall be used solely for this program.All of these matters are classified as confidential in nature and proprietary to Land Bank of the Philippines. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES and trainees hereby undertake to prevent disclosure or transfer of such information, consciously or unconsciously, to any party outside of institution without the knowledge and written consent of institution. 5. It is expressly understood that Land Bank of the Philippines will only accept OJTs on a case-to-case basis according to vacancy.D. LITIGA TION AND OTHER EXPENSES In case of breach of any confidential information obtained during the training period relative to the task assigned by Land Bank of the Philippines, WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES agrees to pay an additional sum equivalent of twenty five percent (25%) for Attorney’s Fees, plus costs and other fees and incidental expenses of litigation excluding possible monetary damages that may be incurred by reason thereof. E. DURATIONThis agreement shall hold for the duration of the 20122013 School Year of WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES, and is automatically renewable every year, provided that Land Bank of the Philippines and WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINES reserve their respective rights to withdraw their participation in the agreement upon written notice. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have signed these presents on this ____ day of 2013, in Cabanatuan City, Philippines. FOR: Land Bank of the PhilippinesMR. EDUARDO N. REYES, JR. DM II – Department Manager/Head, NELC| WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY – PHILIPPINESDR. MARIA VICTORIA M. ALVAREZDean, College of Business and Accountancy| SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF:| _________________________________| _________________________________| Republic of the Philippines) City of Cabanatuan) S. S. A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T On this ___________ day of 2013, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the City of Cabanatuan, the following persons: NAMEVALID I. D. DATE/PALCE Mr. Eduardo N. Reyes, Jr. Dr. Maria Victoria M. AlvarezSSS ID # ll known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing document, consisting of three (3) pages including this page and acknowledgement that the same is an act of their free and voluntary will and deed. IN WITNESS THEREOF, I hereunto sign this document and affix my seal of office on this date and place aforementioned. MR. EDUARDO N. REYES, JR. DM II – Department Manager/Head, NELC DR. MARIA VICTORIA M. ALVAR EZ Dean, College of Business and Accountancy Doc. No. __________ Page No. __________ Book No. __________ Series of 2010

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Compromise Is the Key essays

Compromise Is the Key essays Laws are designed to protect all citizens, even though they are not clear when it comes to deciding on what happens to couples embryos. The judge, in the fact pattern case, is torn because the parents want different decisions. He also has to remember that he will be setting a legal precedent for which other cases will be based on. The decision will be ridiculed no matter the outcome. The embryos should not be destroyed because every living thing has the right to life, there are numerous loving couples who can not have children on their own, and children are still desired by one parent. An embryo is the young of something in an early stage of development. Although, it is not recognizable, two people conceived the embryo in question. Therefore, the fetus should have the same right to life that all existing creatures possess. No one person should be allowed to destroy something already in the process of living. The decision of destroying any living being should be left in the hands of the being, and in this case that is impossible. We have to wait until the child is old enough to ask her. Many couples, who can not have children of their own, want to adopt new born babies. If the embryo is allowed to live nothing but good will happen for it, because of the demand for newborn babies in the adoption market. The child would not end up in a foster home because the mother has feelings for it, and would see the baby is well taken care of. Adoptive parents are known to be loving and caring begetters, because they try hard to bring children into their lives. Consequently, the judge should at least allow another couple to make good use of the embryos. The lady in the fact pattern still has the desire for children. She gave her eggs fully expecting to use them when the time is right. The husband obviously wants nothing to do with the embryos, but the wife could make an agreement to take full responsibility. The ...

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Creative Tips on How to Handle a Science Research Essay

Creative Tips on How to Handle a Science Research Essay Creativity should take center stage in any class assignment you are working on. It attracts the attention of all your readers, leading to creating satisfaction. This alone increases your chances of receiving good scores from your work. So how do you become creative in such a complicated assignment? Read on to find out. Here is How to Write a Science Research Essay Most people sweat at the mention of a research paper. Perhaps they are justified since this document follows strict guidelines. You might be overwhelmed by the strenuous research activities involved unless you are well-prepared for the exercise. Maybe you don’t know what to write or how to write it. However, as you will discover through this article, research essays are not that hard. You dont need a high IQ to handle it. All that is required is a mastery of a few simple tricks and structures presented here. We hope that you will have a complete mind change once you are done reading this detailed article. Learn How to Start a Science Research Essay The hardest part of any research article is in how to write the intro sections. Finding the right words to use at the start is always a tricky affair. You spend the first few minutes writing and rubbing whatever you have written before you get it all right. Since you already know what is a science research essay, we need to dive deeper into what a good study entails. We will not just focus on how to start a paper as you also need to know how to end it. Here is the structure you should use when writing a science research essay. Title Page: A title comes at the start of every article. It gives enough information on what you will be talking about. Be specific rather than general when forming your topic. The more detailed it is, the better. It is only after doing this that you will begin your journey on how to write a good science research essay. Abstract: This is a summary of what the topic is all about. It should not be confused with the introduction. An abstract must be brief though detailed enough to help your readers understand what your study entails. In other words, anyone who for some reason, is unable to read your article to the end can still get enough information from the abstract. Introduction: Provide detailed background information on the study topic in this section. Include the aim and purpose of your study. You should also provide an outline to show the structure of your paper, where appropriate. The Body: This is in three major parts that include methods, results, and discussion. Use it to provide details regarding your study. A reader must be able to see how you conducted the exercise, the tools used, the outcomes, and how they are related to your hypothesis. Conclusion: This wraps ups everything. You have to relate it to the objectives of your paper. Someone reading your conclusion should see all the crucial points upon which you based your argument and relate them to your thesis. Try being brief and straightforward when drafting your conclusion. Also, don’t make a mistake of adding new information not discussed in the article in this section. There you go. You now have enough information on how to write a science research essay step by step. We are hopeful that you have found help through the information provided here. Please read the remaining section for more information It is equally important. Amazing Tips for Writing a Science Research Essay There are different tips on how to handle an assignment. Some only show you how to begin science research, while others are more detailed. Here are tips to trigger your creativity: Find some peaceful place where you can think without any distraction. You can visit a park, quiet beach, or go to a field. Let your mind relax as you focus on all the things you find inspirational. Choose what excites you the most. It might be something about a particular species of flowers. Or maybe it might be certain animals. Find out what you would like to know about them. Put it all down in writing. This means you should have a pen and notebook with you. Come up with as many questions as you can regarding your subject. These questions are crucial in any scientific research as they help you form your hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction of what you expect from any research. It is the answer you provide for a question that you are yet to solve. Next is to collect enough information related to your selected topic. You will use the data to test your hypothesis. Again, every data should be written down for future reference. Never assume that you will remember everything. Finally, retreat from your cocoon and begin writing a draft based on all the ideas and information you have gathered. The sooner you start, the better since information always makes more sense when it is still fresh in mind. Can you confidently say that you now know how to make a science research essay? Follow these simple ideas, and you will, in no time, be a guru in the creation of academic papers. Make this as adventurous as you can to free your mind from the boredom of working in a classroom setting. Just ensure that you remain relaxed throughout the process. Work with a Professional If you are still struggling with your research document, then you should consider hiring the services of an academic writer. You will receive timely services, even for urgent assignments. Most companies have 24/7 support on standby to address your concerns. You also enjoy numerous bonuses as a new customer. There are more bonuses for loyal customers as well. Professional writers can handle even the most complex task. This is partly because each writer has the right academic qualification. 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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Corporate Governance and Company Performance Coursework

Corporate Governance and Company Performance - Coursework Example Whether corporate governance is good for a company is a question that needs critical considerations. This question is often answered by the situations in the marketplace in terms of the results of the companies that strictly follow corporate governance. Sometimes corporate governance can be injurious to the organization. Sometimes the company may miss opportunities because of some aspects of corporate governance leading to costly liabilities. For this reason, as good as corporate governance is, sometimes it is good to leave the directors at liberty to decide on some issues away from the stringent corporate governance requirements. When such decisions are made, the directors should be given an opportunity for explaining the rationality of their decisions and justify the outcomes of such decisions. Due care is for this reason of the essence taking into consideration the probable impact of certain decisions not consistent with corporate governance on the shareholders. Such decisions cou ld lead to resentment from the shareholders making them flee in case of undesirable outcomes of decisions inconsistent with corporate governance. However, when such decisions lead to satisfaction within the company stockholders, they would be for the betterment of the organization and value for stockholder's investments.Highlights of Corporate Governance Benefits against Company PerformanceCrook says that significant implications for the growth and development of an organization are attributable to corporate governance.