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Thank You Note Definition and Writing Tips

A thank-you note is a type of correspondence in which the writer expresses gratitude for a gift, service, or opportunity. Personal thank-you notes are customarily handwritten on cards. Business-related thank-you notes are usually typed on company letterhead, but they, too, may be handwritten. Basic Elements of a Thank-You Note [The] basic elements for writing a thank-you note should include: Address the individual(s), using a  salutation  or greeting. . . .Say thank you.Identify the gift (be certain to get this one right. It does not look good to thank Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the lingerie when they sent you a toaster.)Express how you feel about the gift and what it will be used for.Add a personal note or message.Sign your thank-you note. Within this framework, there is a great deal of latitude. When preparing to write a note, sit for a moment and consider your relationship with the person to whom you are writing. Is it intimate and personal? Is it someone you know as an acquaintance? Are you writing to a complete stranger? This should dictate the tone of your writing. (Gabrielle Goodwin and David Macfarlane, Writing Thank-You Notes: Finding the Perfect Words. Sterling, 1999) Six Steps to Writing a Personal Thank-You Note [1]Dear Aunt Dee, [2]Thank you so much for the great new duffel bag. [3]I cant wait to use it in my spring break cruise. The bright orange is just perfect. Not only is it my favorite color (you know that!), but Ill be able to spot my bag a mile away! Thanks for such a fun, personal, and really useful gift! [4]Im really looking forward to seeing you when I get back. Ill come over to show you pictures from the trip! [5]Thanks again for always thinking of me. [6]Love, Maggie [1] Greet the recipient. [2] Clearly state why you are writing. [3] Elaborate on why you are writing. [4] Build the relationship. [5] Restate why you are writing. [6] Give your regards. (Angela Ensminger and Keeley Chace, Note-worthy: A Guide to Writing Great Personal Notes. Hallmark, 2007) Thank-You Note Following a Job Interview An essential job-seeking technique, as well as a gesture of courtesy, is to thank the person who interviews you. Write a note immediately after the interview and before a decision has been made. State what you liked about the interview, the company, the position. Emphasize briefly and specifically your suitability for the job. Address concerns about your qualifications that came up during the interview. Mention any issue that you didnt have the opportunity to discuss. If you felt you misspoke or left the wrong impression, this is where you can correct your interview--but be brief and subtle. You dont want to remind the interviewer of a weak point. (Rosalie Maggio, How to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation, 3rd ed. Penguin, 2009) Thank-You Notes to College Admission Offices Call it a testament to how carefully students court college admissions offices these days: Thank-you notes have become the new frontier. . . . Miss Manners, Judith Martin, who writes a syndicated etiquette column that runs in more than 200 newspapers, says she, for one, does not think thanks are needed for a campus visit: I would never, ever say, Don’t write a thank-you note under any circumstances. I don’t want to discourage them. But it is not really a situation that is mandatory. Still, some admissions advisers [disagree]. It seems like a small thing, but I tell my students that every contact with the college contributes to their perception of you, said Patrick J. O’Connor, director of college counseling at the private Roeper School in Birmingham, Mich. (Karen W. Arenson, Thank-You Note Enters College Admission Game. The New York Times, Oct. 9, 2007) A CEOs Thank-You Notes Dear Bloomberg Businessweek Friends, Thank you for asking my perspective on writing thank you notes. In my 10 years as President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, I sent out over 30,000 notes to our 20,000 employees. I found it was a powerful way to reinforce our strategies, to let our employees know we were paying attention and to let them know that we cared. I kept my notes short (50-70 words) and to the point. They celebrated accomplishments and contributions of real significance. They were virtually all handwritten to make the communication more authentic and personal. It is a practice that I highly recommend. Good luck! Doug (Douglas Conant, Write a Thank-You Note. Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep. 22, 2011) Thank-You Note to Anita Hill Anita Hill, I want to personally thank you for what you did for us twenty years ago. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out. Thank you for your quiet dignity, your eloquence and elegance, your grace under pressure. Thank you for illuminating the complexities of female powerlessness and for explaining why you didn’t complain when the offense first occurred, and for describing how cowed and coerced a woman can feel when she’s hit upon by a man who controls her economic destiny. . . . (Letty Cottin Pogrebin, A Thank-You Note to Anita Hill. The Nation, Oct. 24, 2011)

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Mr Daniel Free Essays

Contract is a part of the business transaction. Contract is an agreement between two or more parties each of whom has the intention to create a legal relation to have a lawful object between them. Contract is more used in the partnership business where each party has a common goal, trust one another and a specific time period. We will write a custom essay sample on Mr Daniel or any similar topic only for you Order Now IQ . 1 : What are the essential elements of forming a valid contract? Explain the importance of each element by providing relevant legal principles derived from decided cases: An agreement that can be enforced by law is considered as a contract Cones v. Daniel 1894). An agreement is enforceable by law when it fills up certain conditions that are regarded as essential element of valid contract. Essential elements are: Offer and Acceptance, Lawful Consideration, Intention to create Legal Relationship, Certainty: Offer Offer is crucial element for a contract, is very important that the offer to intend to for a term as an expression of willingness to enter in to a contract, contract which will became lawful upon acceptance. Gibson V Manchester City Council (1979)1 WALL 294 HAL) Acceptance An acceptance is a willingness that the offered agree to all the terms of the offer has made. Also the acceptance must be ‘mirror image’ of the offer. (Day Morris Associates v Voice 2003 COCA civic 189). If the offered try to set up new terms on the offer, this normally is a counter offer which will kill the original offer. (Hyde v Wrench 1840). Lawful Consideration: Consideration is defined as an acts or a promise of a payment or charge o r value which is called ‘Consideration’ made from promise to the promise or both. Currie v Miser 1875) An agreement should be based on the freedom of contact theory of all parties. Free consent is hampered when coercion, mistake, fraud and misrepresentation are made. Chapel Co. V Nestle 1960 AC). Intention to create Legal Relationship: A legal relation is created through the agreement that is intended. An agreement to sell or buy a product is agreement intended to make legal relationship and is therefore contract. A contact may not be valid if the participants they are not intending to create legal relation. (Buffalo v Buffalo 1919). Domestic and Social contracts are not considered to be a legal relation. Cones v Badminton 1966). Also commercial agreements is normally considered that is made in a business context and automatically is an intention to create legal relation. Case: Sees petroleum v Commissioner of customs and Excise 1976). Family agreements can be enforceable if there is a clearly made in to a ‘business connect'(Smelling v John G Smelling Ltd 1973). Certainty As a contract to be valid it must contain terms of the contract and if a important term is hidden that contract will not be lawful. IQ . 2: Describe different types of contract usually undergone in business context. Critically analyze the legal impact of distance selling contract. Sales contracts, Employment contracts, Marketing contracts, Licensing Sales contracts are made between companies to companies and to private errors to a private persons, can be goods or services. Employment contracts is an agreement from employer to employee with terms of payments, benefits, period of business or from persons to business to promote products and services to the general public or to business. Licensing contract is used normally to transfer rights to an individual to be able to licensee goods and services in regime of trade mark. Distance selling contract regulations: sellers give certain basic information to customer, deliver goods within 30 days, and provide customers a right to cancel their order. All business must comply with the ‘Sale of Goods Act’ IQ . 3: Analyze the contrasting aspects of different kind of terms generally used in a commercial contract. 200 words The lawfulness of commercial contract based on different kind of terms. These terms are considered as implied and express terms. Four categories of implied terms (Porter v Atonement U. D. CHIC 5) are: Terms Implied by fact: Under this term court believe that both parties of the contract know about the fact. Terms implied in law: Under this term court indicate a specific law of defined type in the contract. That law protects the weaker party in the contract. Terms implied by custom: In this term, local custom is applied on the contract. Terms implied by trade usage: Terms regularly used in contracts within a particular business can be implied on other such contract. Express terms are: a) Oral contract b) Written contract c) Parole evidence role d) Collateral contract There are three types of contractual terms: a) Condition: Major term of contract. Serious consequence occurs when it is broken. (Passwords v Speers and pond 1876) b) Warranties: Under this term an affected party an sue for damage when it is breached but cannot terminate the contract. C) In nominate term: If this type of term is breached serious or negligible result can occur depending on the particular fact. ‘Implied terms are more sensitive to deal with than express terms in a business contract’ – how far would you agree with this comment? In contract implied terms refers to terms that are not directly written in the contract but are introduced into contract by the court or by statute. Express terms are conditions that are directly written and agreed by both parties at the time of contract made. As the terms are not mentioned in the contract, it is more sensible to deal with during conflict than express terms. Task 2: Application of Contracts in Business Situations Q. 1: (a) Green Pharmacy put an advertisement in a trade Journal stating: for the wholesale buyers only, our ‘new moisturizing creams’ are now at a special low price of Ole per dozen. Mr. Khan, one of Green Pharmacy trusted vendors, rushed to one of your show room and wanted to place a large order. Meanwhile the company made a new decision not to sell the creams any more. Mr. Khan became cross and he wished to pursue a legal action against the company. Advice Green Pharmacy about the possible legal consequence. Justify your comments with referen ce to similar case precedents. In the given business scenario Green put an advertisement to sell its new moisturizing cream at a special low price Green Pharmacy was making only an invitation to treat. (Partridge v Christened (1968) 1 WALL 1204). As a result Mr.. Khan one of the trusted vendors rushed to one of the show room and wanted to place a large order but he was refused to give order. As a result he wished to pursue a legal action against the company. Mr.. Khan wanted to make an offer to Green Pharmacy to ay the goods but was no acceptance from the company therefore was not valid contract, in event of seeking legal action from Mr. Khan will not affect Green Pharmacy in any way legally. (b) You work into the night to complete ‘an important report’ for your immediate boss, Tania. Tania is very pleased with the report and says ‘l know you have worked very hard on this, I will make sure there’s an extra IEEE in your pay at the end of the month. Can you enforce this promise? 100 words In the given situation you can’t make lawsuit against Tania although it is a oral promise that is done with spoken words. Tania makes a statement or promise which we can call consideration but that consideration was completed before Tania has made her promise. We called this situation past consideration so it can be a lawful consideration (Re Macrame 1951). (c) Joe works in the purchase department of Green Pharmacy. He lives near to you. By an agreement he provides you with a lift to work in return for a contribution towards the petrol. Would this contract be legally enforceable? Justify your answer with legal arguments. 75 words In the above situation Joe can’t be enforced in this contract legally due to lack of intention to create legal relation, furthermore the agreement was done in a social context, if in event to seek legal action the court will not enforce this agreement (Buffalo b Buffalo 1919) Q. 2: Albany is the business development manager of Green Pharmacy. Four months ago he bought a ‘Landmasses’ car from Brand’s Garage Ltd for use in his business activities. He paid El 2,500 for the car and was given a written guarantee in the following terms. ‘Brand’s Garage Ltd guarantees that, for three months from the date of purchase, it will put right free of charge any defects in the vehicle which cannot be discovered on roper examination at the time of purchase. Thereafter all work and materials will be charged to the customer. ‘ The sales manager recommended to Albany that he should take out the ‘special extended warranty under which, for payment of ?350, the car would have been guaranteed in respect of all defects for a further two years, but Albany declined. Last week the engine and gearbox seized up. The repairs will cost E,OHO. Advise Albany. Would your answer differ if he bought the car only for his personal use? Is made with personally or commercially. All contracts are made up with the essential elements. When Albany purchases a Landmasses car from Brand’s Garage Ltd for use in business activities, he made a legal contract through offer and acceptance, and a written agreement. It also includes the consideration in the contract that defines each party to the agreement gets something. There was the existence of the certainty element of the contract through which Brenda indicates for three month from the date of purchase they will provide warranty service of the car. If Albany purchase the car for personal use he would make a contract with the seller of the by maintaining the element of the valid contract. Albany can not make a claim for compensation of the car if want it to do that because was outside of the warranty was given. Although if Albany would buy the car for personal use he has the right to lawsuit against the Brenda’ to recover the cost repair due to Sale Goods Act implied terms of satisfactory quality. Q. 3: Explain the effects of the following in the running of a Pharmaceutical company such as Green Pharmacy: a) Breach of conditions, and, nominate terms Breach of condition: Condition is the basic term of contract we also can call it hart of the contract. When condition is breached, the affected party can sue as well as end he contract and claim for damages. Warranty: Warranties as a secondary condition can be a specific kind of terms representation of fact that the law can enforce against the warrants. If a warranty is breached the victim party can only demand for compensation but cannot end the contract, therefore Green Pharmacy offer replacements which will conduct to damages only. Nominate terms: As a result of such breach the innocent party is deprived of the whole benefit of the contract. The inexperience vendors will be entitled to repudiate the contract and to get compensations (Hong Kong fir shipping co. Ad v Sukiyaki Essen Aisha Ltd (1962) b) Legality of exemption clauses. Please include relevant examples to explain different aspects of the terms. 00 words An exemption clause is a term in the contract made by one party to protect them from lawsuit done by other party for damage,loss,negligence or non-performance etc. It is done usually by the party who draft the agreement. For example, a digital camera shop use exemption clause in their selling document where they accept no liability for any damaged camera after selling it to customer. Outsource generally describes exempti on clauses narrowly to e if it is logical in specific perspective. An exemption clause can be included and bound into a contract if it is written in a signed contractual document; it does not fact whether the party understands it. Task 3: Principles of Liability in Business Negligence Q. 1: In what aspects, liabilities in tort are different from contractual liabilities? Give examples of ‘duty of care’ in the context of someday- to- day situations. Explain the concept of ‘causation’ and ‘remoteness’ in the tort of negligence. 220 words Tortuous Contractual liability holds more privacy than liabilities in tort (Fleming, 1984). Sole proprietorship and Partner in partnership are responsible for the tort committed by them and torts committed by the business. In the contractual liability parties are engaged with one another by mutual consent which is conducted by the contract. On the other hand, the relationship in the tortuous liability is imposed by the law, the defendant must responsible the claimant a duty of care. The basic contrast between the contractual liability and the liability in tort is that the first is the result of agreement whereas the second is the result of law. Day to day examples of duty of care: ) Keepers of dangerous pets will hold a duty of care to people who will be likely to be affected. B) Lorry drivers owes a duty of care to his goods that it’s delivering. According to the law, duty of care is a legal responsibility that is applied on an individual requiring maintains a reasonable care during completing a specific task to overtake any acts that make Jeopardize others. Duty of care is done by a employer to his employees, by a traffic police to the pedestrian, by a supplier to the manufacturer for the quality of the raw materials etc. Causation defines and determines the extension of liability. Causation is the indicator through which one party proves that another party makes loss to them that is considered before damages. It may be difficult to prove when there is more than one cause. Remoteness determines how much a defendant is responsible for his wrongful doings. A defendant must make up the damages or loss if it is within the reasonable consideration. Q. 2: Explain the nature of liability in negligence by giving reference to different scenarios. Negligence is not intentional tort but accidental. Negligence liability holds that defendant know about the probable risk that can occur damage largely to the injured party. Here the injured party does not know about the risk before it happens. Negligence liability also assumes that the defendant has control power over the probable risk of harms that caused the plaintiff injury. (Lewis, R. , Morris, A. And Elephant, K. 2006). For example, negligence liability occurs when a landlord sell a portion of his property to a customer although knowing about the legality problem in the property documents that may cause serious damage in future if any legal issues increases. In this situation the buyer of the property will know about the problem and damages after the occurrence happens. Another example, negligence liability occurs when a nurse does not mention the medicine to the patient who has no knowledge about the medicine causing the patient take wrong medicine. Q. 3: Explain the legal requirements to hold employers vicariously liable for the torts committed by their employees. Vicarious liability in English law is a doctrine that applies rigorous liability on the employers for the wrongdoing of their employees (CRY-Evans Canada Ltd. . Pettifoggers). In this perspective, the person who is vicariously liable is free from blame although the person is legally responsible. An employer is vicariously responsible for doing the conduct of employees or a group of employees, agents, supervisors or managers, a person deployed by the firm disturbing a member, legislation that applies if the person was an employee and not from a contractor or agency. (Merges Do cks Harbor Board v Cogging and Griffith Ltd 1947). We can consider tort of an employee if occurs to connection with the person’s employment. Without taking all responsibilities the employers may be held liable for the actions of the employees. (Limps v London General Omnibus Co 1862) Also we may have another situation where the driver of a bus company is not in his course of employment where is injures passengers it can not be responsible for the accident. (Beard v London General Omnibus Co 1900) Courts attribute to the employer where the employers’ objectives do not reach in the absence of the employee’s serious risk which has committed. So, there are some close connection between the tortuous act of the employee and the circumstances of his employment to establish a vicarious liability. Examples of vicarious liability are: employees seize the goods of the firm. Task 4: Application of Principles of Liability in Business Situations Q. : By applying the relevant legal principles answer the following: (a) what is the level of duty of care to be shown by (1) a learner driver (2) a Chinese herbal doctor working in England and (3) Junior doctor in a hospital? The duty of care refers to the principle that the duty to take responsible care to avoid foreseeable injury to a neighbor. A learner driver Must know the rules and regulations of the traffic and level of care is not been different from all other drivers. (Nettlesome v Weston 1971). Understand the possible magnitude of the probable harm or injury occurred on roads. Know the importance f the social value of this activity. Chinese herbal doctor A doctor must mention reasonable harm and can not be considered a full doctor therefore is not grade of comparison. (Sharon v Situ 2004). The relationship between the defendant and the claimant about proximate cause. A Junior doctor To practice under the supervision of senior doctor (Bola v Iffier Hospital Management Committee 1957). Maintain reasonable standard of the profession. Avoid negligence actions for medical malpractices. Know the bad effect of malpractice that causes harm or injury. (b) Green Pharmacy engages Mr. Ken, a local electrician, to rewire its office. Two weeks later Leo, a visitor, is electrocuted. Discuss Green Pharmacy liability in tort. Would your answer differ if Green Pharmacy put the following notice at the entrance: ‘Persons entering these premises do so at their own risk? 25 words A tort liability is the legal obligation of a party which causes to suffer or loss someone as a result of a civil wrong or injury. Green Pharmacy has experience in defending clients, variety of personal injury. In this scenario it is found that one of the visitors has attacked by the electrocuted. There was a rule to set up a notice for awareness. But due to negligence of the employee h e notice was not hung. As a result, the Green Pharmacy is responsible for the accident of the visitors. The visitors can sue for getting the compensation of the damage. If there was the rule in the entrance: ‘Persons entering these premises do so at their own risk. In this perspective the visitor should follow the notice in the entrance. If not follow Green Pharmacy will not responsible for the accident. The visitor cannot sue against the company for getting the compensation for the damage. Q. 2: collect his own television from a repair shop. He parks his van carelessly and it moves off, injuring Kelly, a pedestrian. Is Green Pharmacy vicariously liable? Vicarious liability indicates a situation where someone is liable for the acts of another person. In this business scenario John is van driver employed by Green Pharmacy who use the van for his personal use to carry a television from a repair shop. As he parks the van carelessly that resulting injured Kelly a pedestrian, the pedestrian can sue against the Green Pharmacy because the owner of the van is the Green Pharmacy who not is vicariously liable for the injury of the pedestrian. Beard v London General Omnibus Co 1900 (b) Robert, who is a security guard in Green Pharmacy head office, has been encouraged by the company to keep order by force – if necessary. One night he grabbed one Martins on suspicion and stabbed him in the back. Discuss the potential vicarious liability of Green Pharmacy. 100 words Here Green Pharmacy plays the role of the employer and Robert is the employee of this. Green Pharmacy is vicariously liable for the act of the Robert because he has done the action encouraged by the company to protect his Job. Seemingly, Green Pharmacy is free from the blame but it is legally liable for the negligence of the employee. As a result Mr.. Mantis affected by stabbing can demand for the compensation that must be paid y the company. Many employers are not aware that they can be liable for a range of actions done by their employee in the course of their employment. Conclusion: To regulate and expand the business the importance of law is increasing day by day. The capacities and culture of the different organization and nations are not same. Law provides the fundamental understanding of the negotiation deals that is required in the business. Legitimate contract helps to debate settlement of the business organization in the court by legal Jurisdictions. Top management of a organization should know the reasonable information about the various elements of he agreement to understand and get important point in the business arena. How to cite Mr Daniel, Papers

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Digital Marketing Strategy of Brand Target-Samples for Students

Question: Analyze the Digital Marketing Strategies adapted by an Australian brand Target. Answer: Introduction Digital marketing or the data-driven marketing is a process of selling or marketing the services or the products using the digital medium or technologies (Chaffey and Bosomworth 2012). The digital marketing procedure is occurred based on the internet. The technique of this marketing using the digital media includes search engine optimization, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing and optimization, campaign marketing. Strategies and marketing plans have been developed by the companies to sell their products using the digital platform as people use more digital media than visiting physical shops (Bng and Roos 2014). The aim of this report is to design a digital marketing strategy for the Australian brand Target. The report will also identify and describe the target audience of the brand and the reasons of its failure in meeting the requirements of the targeted audience digitally. The report will show the process of implementation of the Facebook, Instagram and other digital media in its digital marketing strategies. Digital Marketing Strategy of Target Target is based on Australia and it is a mid-ranged departmental store chain and wide-ranging retail services that include food, home ware, clothing and digital goods. The retail service fulfils the daily needs of the local people. It has wide range of products and targeted audiences from different cultural and geo-political background (Target.com.au 2017). The brand Target should develop a digital marketing strategy that would help it to gain customers from all ranges. Due overflowing waves of digital media and marketing, the brand has started to loss its valuable customers, as it could not develop effective digital marketing strategies. The organization, Target has its limitations in processing the services. The brand, Target did not use the digital strategies in an effective way. It has limited social media presence compare to other successful brands. The company needs to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that would help to remove the barriers and explore opportunities in the market. However, it needs to develop a customer centric brand, which would help it to organize its digital strategy. The company needs to discover the opportunities that digital marketing can create. For fulfilling this purpose, the brand Target needs to establish a customer-focused website, e-commerce, mobile app, and social media advertising and reaching to the customers by using social media. The social media strategies should aim at becoming the unique brand in the market (Ryan 2016). The brand needs digital media campaigns for utilizing the digital media platform to reach its potential customers. It may include sharing some of the best-performing content on Twitter or other social media sites. The brand needs to define the purpose or goal of its business. Then, the brand needs to analyze the targeted audiences persona, which includes analyzing their profiles, expectations and needs. Now the company could develop digital marketing by using social media platforms like website, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, google Adwords, native advertising, and paid social posts. However, the brand needs to develop plans to implement its goal to the targeted audience by using these social media platforms. After the planning program, the brand needs to execute those plans (Armstrong et al. 2015). Digital Marketing and Facebook Social media like Facebook is an important digital media tool that many brands have used for business purpose. The companies need to construct concrete strategies that would help them to achieve the business goals. The companies also need to identify the customers and the object for the market competition. Firstly, the brand needs to establish the goals and objectives, which the brand is striving for to achieve by using Facebook as the digital media platform. The posts on the facebook by the brand Target should add some values to the lives of the customers. The posts should enrich with information and value-adding criteria simultaneously. The value adding posts will be noticed more by the customers (Tiago and Verssimo 2014). The brand should provide frequent and consistent posting on the facebook wall as it is necessary to notice the posts by the customers. However, if there is more posts there is more chance to get noticed. The number of posts needs to be higher. The brand needs to post multiple times per day in between hours. The brands need to involve its customers in the posts and respond to the comments with insightful replies (Smith, Fischer and Yongjian 2012). Digital Marketing and Instagram Like facebook, Instagram is also another digital media platform that has potential to provide growth in any business. The SEOs of the companies should look into some matters that would help in online marketing strategy. The brand needs to create stylish and high-quality images and continuously post on Instagram. The company needs to execute the brand well on the Instagram and it should feature its products in each post (Chaffey 2016). The images should have some creative values. The brand needs to use hash tags, which will help the customers to discover the brand on Instagram. The brand can use its own campaign specific hash tags or popular hash tags for maximum reach. The brand needs to be partner with a non-profit organization, which would increase the brand value. The posts on the Instagram should have entertaining, useful and inspirational values that would attract the targeted audiences. The brand could promote others through its profile and in return it could demand to promote its post on others profile. This will help in getting the audiences from the others profile. Like Faccebook, the brand needs to engage its customers in Instagram as well. The brand could look for bloggers, partners and industrial influencers to follow and needs to engage them with their content. On Instagram, there is no advantage to bring all the posts in one place, however, the brand needs to like the website and other information in the Bio section of the Instagram. For details information about the company, which has been used as an example for digital marketing strategy please visit appendix. Digital Marketing and Twitter The other digital media like twitter can be implemented in the digital marketing strategy of the brand Target. Like facebook and Instagram the company needs to open a page on the twitter and fill up the biographical information. However, the brand needs to tweet on its Twitter profile whenever, the brand would launch any new product. Even, the brand needs to tweet about the upcoming product and discount sale on its Twitter page. The brand should engage its targeted customers and interact with them. Successful marketing on the twitter is very powerful and it will help to unlock the new opportunities that would help to grow business online. The ways that would be implemented on the Twitters are, sharing the information with the potential customers on daily basis, driving the customers engagement in promoting activities, networking and branding on Twitter, effective communication and interaction with the customers and reputation management (Strauss 2016). Recommendation It is recommended to implement the digital marketing strategies well for the brand Target. For this purpose, the company needs to have a search engine optimization technique. The brand even needs a professional person who is well versed in digital marketing. It is recommended to operate regularly the digital platforms and connect virtually with all related matters on the digital media. Conclusion The Brand Terget, which is an Australian brand needs to develop a healthy and efficient digital marketing strategies that would help in penetrating the market more effectively. However, the brand could use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for implementing the strategies as these are the major social media sites. The brand could utilize these platforms for reaching to people easily References Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Bng, A. and Roos, C., 2014. Digital Marketing Strategy. Chaffey, D. and Bosomworth, D., 2012. Digital marketing strategy.Implementation and Practice. Chaffey, D., 2016. Global social media research summary 2016.Smart Insights,8. Ryan, D., 2016.Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers. Smith, A.N., Fischer, E. and Yongjian, C., 2012. How does brand-related user-generated content differ across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter?.Journal of Interactive Marketing,26(2), pp.102-113. Strauss, J., 2016.E-marketing. Routledge. Target.com.au (2017).Target Online Shopping | Target Australia. [online] Target Australia. Available at: https://www.target.com.au/ [Accessed 4 Oct. 2017]. Tiago, M.T.P.M.B. and Verssimo, J.M.C., 2014. Digital marketing and social media: Why bother?.Business Horizons,57(6), pp.703-708. y the autho

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Spying on The Home Front an Example of the Topic Government and Law Essays by

Spying on The Home Front by Expert Tutor Maya | 01 Dec 2016 To talk of overbroad and sweeping driftnets to intercept alleged messages of National concern, without means to assure the American citizens of a narrowly tailored measure to zero in on specific terrorist activity, in the name of a supervening State duty to fight imminent threats against the country, is to consent to unrestrained exercises of Police Power that are absolutely repugnant to the Constitution and its tenets. Need essay sample on "Spying on The Home Front" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed The protection of a private individual's Civil liberties is not subject to compromise. His rights to be left alone, to be free from State intervention and to be guaranteed a shield against State security entanglements are highlights of a democratic sovereign. The moment that the State trumps these rights under the justification that the present situation calls for drastic and unusual means to combat the enemy, the Constitution, which has been the shrine of liberty and freedom since its foundation, the very bastion of the people sovereign, is at once violated. Time and again, the courts have ruled against any form of intrusion into people's private lives. Federal laws, such as the FISA law, seek to discourage fishing expeditions, indiscriminate guesswork and blanket approaches to collect information among the populace (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). In fact, illegally obtained evidence sparked by warrant-less searches and investigation are deemed inadmissible in courts. This is because the law prevents the State to profit from its misdeeds. Indeed, a violation of such rights of a single person is already one too many. Therefore, to the issue whether or not it is in any legally and morally justified for the executive to set aside restrictions to its power made by the congress and the Constitution in the name of the "war of terror", the answer must be on the negative. On this point, the PBS special "Spying on the Home Front" reveals just how much the administration has brushed aside the legally recognized processes of investigation and surveillance to permit unprecedented access to personal communication among innocent American civilians. The National Security Agency (NSA) has been specifically designed to intercept dangerous communication with the hope of catching the criminals even before they take overt acts to carry out their plans (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). Accordingly, the agency at first followed the principle that investigations must exclude domestic correspondencesin other words it adopted a hands-off doctrine when it comes to civilians. However, in the last few decades and more so in light of the 9/11 terror attacks, the NSA, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used its expertise and tools to spy on the American people (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). A former NSA agent, confides that the agency has figured into several random acts of espionage of civilians without due authorization from the courts. The Watergate Scandal, for the first time, raises the issues on illegal intrusion activities done by the State. It is later discovered during the committee hearings that these agencies have been working together to look into documents, issuances, utterance and communications of a private nature, otherwise known as the Shamrock Operation (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). Consequently, this led to the drafting of a bill which sought to enjoin law enforcement and its specialized departments from tapping into phone lines and mail among others (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). Former NSA analysts Weaver and Connelly adumbrate the myriad ways that the NSA can sift through a mass of information across the Globe and collect them in databases for future retrieval. The exact metaphor used to describe NSA's capabilities is "sucking up voluminous information in the internet, phone and mail in one sweep in a process called full-scale data mining" (Spying on the Home Front, 2007). In this same process, NSA does not discriminate between illegal data and data produced by the average person. What it does is to grab at everything it can lay its hands on, and because the NSA has full access to co-terminal points of the web, this means that the amount of information that they can gather is almost just as every byte and nibble that is being produced in the entire network. Every person who is linked via the World Wide Web is no longer safe from the "Big Brother" tendencies of the State. Orwell's novel "1984" is a better metaphor to describe how the mandate of President Geo rge Bush to counter terrorism through intelligence efforts has spread in scope and extent far beyond what is originally intended. Speaking in behalf of and for the President, John Yoo argues that war changes everything; that by its nature, war "expands the power of the presidency and expands the power of the national government as a whole" (Interview with John Yoo, 2007). He invites us to rethink our traditional policies and take a shift in paradigm because the enemies that the state is against calls for an entirely different set of tactics. John Yoo, the mind behind the Patriot Act, is convinced that the power of the President can be expanded to cover new forms of state threats. He says that it is high time that Legislative and Judicial departments "pull down self-imposed restraints [] that had hamstrung our government from being able to track down and defeat Al Qaeda terrorist cells in our country" (Interview with John Yoo, 2007). In effect, what John Yoo is saying is that desperate times call for desperate measures. But where do you draw the line from desperation viz. restraint on certain liberties to abject disregard for a person's constitutionally protected rights? Another crucial problem in that sort of justification is that the agencies, whom the President granted full discretionary power in order that another terror attack can be prevented, have taken their obligation to protect the country far a-field the legal and moral provinces recognized by the Constitution, and turned it into a license to step on the private domains of the commerce of innocent civilians. As such, they comb the vast oceans of thought, information and conduct of every individual in one huge dragnet just to catch a number of criminals. A method deemed unconscionable to the average person and by the law. If there were anything that the terrorists have been more successful at other than the 9/11 attacks, is that they effectively set the United States into a flurry of acts that disregard the rule of law and the individuals. Indeed, terror of this kind on the home front surpasses any other, and the administration and state itself just happen to be the one perpetuating it. References Smith, H. & Young, R. (2007). Spying on the home front. 15 May 2007. PBS Special: Frontline. John Wilkes Studio. Retrieved February 12, 2008, from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/homefront/. Interview with John Yoo. (2007). 15 May 2007. Retrieved February 12, 2008, from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/homefront/interviews/yoo.html.

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Multiple Personlality essays

Multiple Personlality essays Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder Multiple Personality Disorder is a psychological disorder in which the psychiatric exhibits two or more personalities. Some suffers of the condition have even been known to have over one hundred personalities. The personalities of a person may be different in age, sex, appearance, language, and even species (such as in to an animal or even a vegetable). This disorder is thought to have been caused by many different things. It depends on which school of thought you prefer. Some religious peoples believe that it is caused by demonic possession. A few very strange people believe that MPD is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is a gift. Others think that it is caused by an unusual brain structure. Many believe that the illness isnt an illness at all but a psychological fad or hoax created during therapy. In my opinion the most valid theory is that its caused by early childhood abuse and trauma. A minority of Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians believe that the alter personalities are in fact demons, an evil entity that is not of the individual. The way to get rid of these demons is to perform an exorcism. In this religious work using prayers and religious symbols the demon is driven out by a higher authority. Biological psychologists think that Dissiociative Identy Disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. To treat the disorder a medication is given to the patient. The medication neutralizes the imbalance in the brain and therefore puts it in balance. This theory is very believable, however I dont necessarily agree with it. There are to many micro elements which cant be seen or researched. A very large number of people think that Multiple Personality Disorder is artificially created. Children or even adults see characters in movies or books and through social learning begin to act like t ...

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An Investigation of Career Barriers for Female Television News Anchor Dissertation - 1

An Investigation of Career Barriers for Female Television News Anchor in Nigeria - Dissertation Example These tribes during pre-colonial times have had their women enjoying equal social status with the men, especially with their respected traditional government systems (Ajayi, 2007, p. 137-138). For example, there are Women’s Leaders, Goddess Priests and Market Women’s Leader (among others) in the Yoruba tribes in South Nigeria. There are also Queens in Northern Nigeria that contribute to the local political influences and development (Ajayi, 2007, p. 138). These all changed when the British colonized Nigeria since the British Colonial Administration actively pushed discriminatory sex roles in the nation’s politics (Ajayi, 2007). This reduced women’s power and relevance in their society. The women were denied opportunities in career, business and politics. They were marginalized. Nigeria is a male-dominated society. In Islamic religion, especially in the Sharia law, women and men have very different roles, rights and obligations. This is largely due to their religion, which is Islam. This is where the major sexual and gender differences start in their society. This law therefore dictates the woman’s fate in terms of education, employment, finances and even in legislation. Television, having introduced women on the screen, in roles often contradictory to the stereotypical domestic role of the women in society, has also given rise to some fundamental, social, cultural, professional and ethical issues, which have come to affect the career paths of women in the industry. Gender stereotyping is not limited to the field of television. This is an issue which transcends all strata of organizational, social and family life in Nigeria (Agnes & Ijeoma, 2010). Before the advent of television in Nigeria, parents believed in sending their sons to acquire formal education in Law, Medicine or Engineering while encouraging their daughters to learn the family trade and then get married. Society believed that a woman’s place resides squarel y in the home and in rare cases when they were allowed to go to university, such conventional courses as mentioned above were the accepted courses to study. This was due to the image of prestige, dignity, integrity and decorum associated with such traditional career paths (Charles, 1989). There is a study in the United States by Engstrom and Ferri, about the Local U.S. Television News Anchors’ Perceived Career Barriers. The study found out that most career barriers are often sexist in nature. There is no tangible evidence for sexism though, as both men and women have reported having less time at home. The study covers both sexes but it also shows how the sex determines one’s career. In the case of women, their decision to further their career is often hampered with their other concerns, particularly with that of the family and even physical appearance and ageism. This can come as career barriers. Culture appears to be the most powerful barrier in the pursuit of a profe ssion in TV sector among Nigerian women. The Nigerian culture encourages submissiveness in women and the Nigerian women have faced a lot of gender stereotyping in their society, which are even present till date (Poindexter & Meraz, 2008). However, there are probably other factors that contribute to the stagnation of the careers of women that are not

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The importance of expert systems in the decision making process Essay

The importance of expert systems in the decision making process - Essay Example Expert systems can be used by mangers to make official decision process and to clarify the reasoning process employed to make decisions. Expert systems have provided so many facilities in the management decision-making process and the process turned out to be faster and more consistent. This research paper based on theme of the analysis of the importance of 'Expert system' in the management decision making process.This paper provides the research on the importance of 'Expert System' in the Management Decision Making Process. It provides information in such a way that every aspect of the expert system of the Decision Making can be addressed. First of all this paper will present a brief introduction and background of the expert systems, and then it will present the structure of the expert system, the next section contains how expert system can work for the management of enterprise. The next section is literature review of the relevant research and development in the same field, for thi s purpose it will discuss the development and results of the COMMU expert system, then the proceeding section discusses expert system in business management/ financial markets discussion, here the main point of discussion would be that how expert system become beneficial for the business management and how it can support decision making process. The next section is regarding expert systems & decision support association. The proceeding section will articulate few inabilities of expert system regarding decision making. Then the next section contains the conclusion and references. Artificial intelligence or AI is a field of computer science which has concerned a group of computer specialists in current years. AI is the study of how to create computers doing things at which, at the moment, people are better. AI has two major objectives (Kenneth, 1998). The first purpose is to form an intelligent machine. The second intend is to find out regarding the environment of intelligence. AI can be separated into three comparatively independent research areas: 1) Expert systems, 2) Natural language and 3) Robotics Of the three areas, expert systems development is the mainly important practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Kenneth, 1998). One of the most recent and mainly promising information technologies is the expert system or ES. An expert system is a computer program that impersonators the decision making behavior and technique of the human expert and permits computing power to be applied to jobs those necessitate the dealing out of human knowledge (Adrian et al, 1990). Because of its intelligent abilities it has been suggested that expert system technology will have a remarkable effect on the workplace. An expert system is a computer program that goes behind human proficiency whether it is gained directly from experts or from written sources like regulations. The main reimbursements are several as given below: (Terry et al, 2000) Enhanced decision making Making eminence and reliability Minimizing Costs Extension of organizational awareness These programs are fairly diverse in their function, which comprise guidance to fresh employees, user friendly front-ends to databases, and still the making of decisions for employees by means of the expert's reasoning. Research in artificial intelligence has led to the intensification and expansion of expert systems (Terry et al, 2000). Expert system is also an elevated performance exceptional system which is developed by "confining" and coding the skill and knowledge of a specialist using unique computer language that is special for the expert system. The thought is that the consequential computer system be able to then hold out the similar level of service to a user as the original and innovative expert (Joseph et al, 2005). Developing expert systems engages two basic steps before authentic

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Qualities of the Hero: Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus

Qualities of the Hero: Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey are two very amazing epic poems in which the main characters that are faced with unbelievable challenges. The Epic of Gilgamesh was created in the 20th 10th century BCE. in Mesopotamia and is one of the earliest known literary writings. The Odyssey was later made in 725 BCE. in Greece and was written in Homeric Greek and was sung more than read (Mastin, 2009a). The main characters in both of these epic poems the hero must embark on dangerous quests and adventures to reach their goal. Their adventures and tales tell describe what a true hero is and what characteristics every man should have. In both these epic poems both Gilgamesh and Odysseus are required to deal with dangerous tasks that must be dealt with in order to proceed. In the story with Gilgamesh he must confront and kill Humbaba, a demon-ogre who is a guardian in the sacred Cedar Forest. While Odysseus lands in the land of the Cyclopes and is trapped in a cave and he must come up with a plan to escape with his men. Gilgamesh went to kill the guardian to make a name for himself even when he was begged not to by his friends and even mother. Odysseus on the other hand was trying to save his men from being eating from a giant cyclops, devised a plan to blind the beast and escape with his remaining men. Both men have great strengths and weaknesses such as raw strength and courage while Gilgamesh has his beauty he also is hated by his people since he would sleep with their wives. Odysseus has his cleverness and eloquence that would help him in tricky situations but he was also a good liar which he used in many situa tions. In these epic poems, the main characters had someone with them during their adventures and journeys. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh had Enkidu, a wild-man who was created by the Aruru, the goddess of creation. Enkidu was more of a wild beast than man but Gilgamesh sent a prostitute to spend time with him to turn him into a man and to stop living with the animals. They dont become true friends until they fight one another which helps Gilgamesh change for the better. Enkidu disliked the way Gilgamesh would treat women and after a wedding party when he tried to sleep with the new bride Enkidu would stop him. They would fight but Enkidu would lose the battle and instead of taking his life Gilgamesh would spare it and learn from this experience his faults, through this he would become a better man (Mastin, 2009b). In the Odyssey, Odysseus would have his shipmates as his friends who accompanied him on his journey. These men would go on with Odysseus from adventure to adventure during some there would always be trouble and he would have to save them over and over but they would also die off. They would slowly die off from dangerous adventures or even be turned in to pigs from a witch. Needless to say, by the time Odysseus would finally reach his home he would be the last to survive from all his crew. They also had some difference between both of them especially when it came to their journey. Gilgamesh adventure with the Humbaba was one that could have been avoided and should have. This adventure was solely Gilgamesh decision to go and kill the beast with no other reason but to have his name live on in history. Even his friend Enkidu tries to stop him and change his mind since its no place for mortals. This is done for fame and also to show the people that the gods who forbid it could be defied by a mortal. While Odysseus goes on his adventure by chance when he is trying to get home. Many things even Gods play a role in his adventures who try and stop him on his w ay and forcing him to endure another adventure only trying to survive to see his family again. The Mesopotamians believed in many Gods and was very important to them in their daily life. Even with Gilgamesh he asked guidance and help from the Gods to seek approval for what he wants to do. The Gods would make beast that would be good or evil but would be worshiped by the people. An example of this would be Humbaba the guardian of the cedar forest that Gilgamesh kills in the end which would punish him in the end. With Odysseus in the Greek culture they to believe in many Gods but didnt rely on them as much to interfere. He would be tested and pushed further and further away from his family but he would overcome the obstacles placed in front of him showing his strengths, intelligence and even his weaknesses. This was in most Greek culture which everyman would aspire to do. It never told of him asking for help from the Gods but showed how man would overcome and prevail. Even in today culture and ideals this is seen throughout the world. There are so many people in the world who rely on a higher power to ask for advice and think they are being tested in their own adventures. There are many heroes and role models people have who they look up to and try and want to try and have the same type of traits as they do. Strength and intelligence are not the only thing that makes a good man or women its all the other qualities that will help them overcome adversity and continue on their journey. References Atsma, A. J. (2000-2017). HOMER, ODYSSEY 9. Retrieved from http://www.theoi.com/Text/HomerOdyssey9.html Homer. (1997). The Odyssey (R. Fagles, Trans.). Wilder Publications. Karas, M., Megas, C. (1997-2017). Odysseus. Retrieved February 20, 2017, from http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Heroes/Odysseus/odysseus.html The Epic of Gilgamesh (M. G. Kovacs, Trans.). (1998). Retrieved from http://www.ancienttexts.org/library/mesopotamian/gilgamesh/tab3.htm Learning about Ancient Mesopotamian Religion and Culture. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2017, from http://www.smspromotions.org/mesopotamian-religion.html Mark, J. J. (2009, September 2). Mesopotamia. Retrieved from http://www.ancient.eu/Mesopotamia/ Mastin, L. (2009a). The Odyssey Homer Ancient Greece Classical Literature. Retrieved from http://www.ancient-literature.com/greece_homer_odyssey.html Mastin, L. (2009b). Epic of Gilgamesh Other Ancient Civilizations Classical Literature. Retrieved from http://www.ancient-literature.com/other_gilgamesh.html Sandars, N. K. (Trans.). (1972). The Epic of Gilgamesh. NY: Penguin Books.

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Cultural Conflict Essay

Culture is a lot more than what language a person is speaking how they are dressing and what kind of food they are eating. Cultural groups share nationality, race and similar ethnicity. However, culture could also include religion, sexual orientation, gender and even generation. Although culture is not visible, it plays a major role in how we handle conflict. It is often the starting place of our thinking and our behaviors. Cultures are sort of implanted in every conflict because conflicts arise in every human relationship. When it comes to handling conflict, we tend to handle it by using lifelong messages that we have received due to our culture. Cultural messages are unique in different cultures. The message one culture sends could be perceived and interpreted to totally something else by a different culture receiver. Living in a world with so many different cultures, we almost have to be cultural fluent. Cultural fluency means being familiar with different cultures, how they work and how they intertwine with our relationships when it comes to conflict. One of the major dimensions of cultural fluency is communication, which refers to different starting points about how to relate to and with different culture groups. Two of the different variations of communication are high and low context. Besides being used in individual communication, high and low context is also used to understand different cultural groups. In high context communication, large part of the message conveyed lies in the physical context, including tone of voice, facial expression, and gestures. In low context communication, the spoken word carries most of the meaning, whatever is trying to be conveyed is simply said directly. Coming from a big Armenian family, culture and conflict are very high context between me and the rest of my family members. Every little tone of voice, facial expression, and gesture has a major meaning behind it, to decode the true meaning you would have to be part of the family. Growing up, my parents were not strict at all with me and my brother. However, we knew how to decode them without them even saying anything. If I brought a new friend to my house, just by the way my mother would look at me I would know that this person is not coming to my house anymore. Even in conversations, a two word response from my parents meant a lot. Going to a restaurant owned by another Armenian person with Armenian employees is also involved in high context communication. You simply know how to act, what to do, what to say and what not to say. When it comes to conflict, I have friends of different nationalities. Being in an argument with one of my fellow Armenian friends is way different than being in an argument with a friend that was born and raised here in The United States with parents that were born and raised here also. A few words back and forth with my Armenian friend would simply end the argument with both of us understanding who was right and who was wrong. However, when involved in an argument with one of my friends who comes from a low context background, I almost have to argue with him in a low context matter by explaining every little detail. A few different gestures and facial expressions do not mean anything to him and it does get frustrating at times. A person’s cultural background affects communication in a major way when a high and low context communication is involved. How things are perceived and interpreted depend on the person’s cultural background. In low context cultures individuals rely more in spoken words. In high context cultures there are more contexts involved, like tone of voice, facial expression, and gestures. Growing up in a high context family and having different perception of things embedded in me, I have learned how to deal with conflict in a high context matter. Also, having friends who come from a low context culture, I have dealt with communicating differently and also have experienced situations differently than them. In order to better communicate with the people involved in your life you have to understand how they perceive and interpret what you are communicating with them.

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Scholastic’s Marketing Strategy

Evolving a successful marketing strategy depends on an effective situation analysis, which involves identifying the customer needs, changes in the operating environment, new opportunities, and the capability of the company to meet these changes. Scholastic corporation is one of the leading publishers catering to the children's segment. With decades of experience in children's publishing and links with most schools libraries across the nation the company has a great outreach to the student segment compared to other competing publishers. However, some changes in the external factors have clearly affected the company's business in a negative way. First and foremost of them is the government's cutting short of school budget allocation, which implied that libraries could no longer afford to spend funds for buying new books. This was a drastic blow for Scholastic as the company depended on its extensive tie-ups with school libraries for its regular business. Next, is the surge of the competitors such as Simon and Schuster and Houghton Mifflin who are capitalizing on Scholastic's inept handling of the changing market situation. These competitors, by their more effective marketing strategies have already started to increase their share in the market, which was previously largely dominated by Scholastic. Scholastic has failed to forge relationships with teachers and management in reaching out to the students. This lack of appreciation of the value of proper human relations is another big hurdle in its business interests, especially when the market seems to be lagging. To be successful under these changing circumstances Scholastic has to revamp their marketing strategy. Focus should be placed on increasing the literacy interests of the younger generation. Under the strange circumstances that the government is crying about improving the literacy skills of students while at the same time cutting the funding for the schools, Scholastic could put to good use its extensive connections with schools by actively participating and organizing book fairs and book clubs. An important fact is that book fairs promote book sales and stimulates reading in children, which in turn implies more books sales. Scholastic should sponsor more book clubs, which would help kindle the reading habits of the school going children. Thus by co-ordinating and working actively with school management Scholastic could promote the reading interests among children which seems to be threatened by the funding cuts by the government. Given that more than 100,000 school book fairs are organized every year around the country, it is plainly obvious that Scholastic should actively participate with the schools in organizing and conducting these book fairs and book club's. These programs, though, may involve expenditure on the part of the company, constitute a good strategy which promises a lot in the long-term. Thus, by organizing these book fairs and book clubs with minimum or even as a non-profit initiative, Scholastic corporation could actively contribute to promoting literacy interests of children upon which rests the success of its future business.

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Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuels Essay - 801 Words

Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuels Besides food, fossil fuels are our most important resource. According to www.bydesign.com, there are three major resources. These resources are coal, oil and natural gas. The environmental impact of fossil fuel usage affects us greatly as individuals and as a global community. Coal causes much damage to our environment. Coal extraction is a serious cause of water pollution. Coal is used primarily to produce electricity. Coal releases nitrous oxide when it is burned. Nitrous oxide unfortunately stays in the atmosphere for a long time. Because this is kept in the atmosphere for such a long time it is very difficult to see or predict the harmful effects of this gas. Nearly fifty percent of the†¦show more content†¦According to www.bydesign.com, ships, barges, trucks, railways, pipelines and super tankers are used to transport oil globally. Often, oil is found far from its needed location. Unfortunately, transportation of oil can often result in great damage to the environment. Seepage from pipelines often destroys much wildlife and animal life. Oil spills are common. One of the most famous oil spills was when the Exxon Valdez super tanker ran aground an Alaskan reef in March of 1989. The spill was highly publicized and many were extremely concerned a bout the long term environmental impact. According to the Exxon Valdez Trustee Council, about eleven million gallons of oil damaged up to 1,300 miles of coastline. Many preventative measures have been taken to avoid such problems in the future. Legislation was passed requiring that all tankers passing through the sound where the spill occurred be double-hulled. Also, the amount of available containment boom in the sound has been greatly increased. The Exxon Valdez Company has been bought out by another company. It is determined that complacency is the greatest cause of oil spills. By taking advantage of opportunities such as enrolling in energy and conservation courses, we can individually do our part to increase our awareness of the consequences which our daily energy usage produce. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel source of energy. TheShow MoreRelated Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuel Exploration and Extraction937 Words   |  4 PagesAs the fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, LPG and coal mixed gas and so on, has been used in the modern production process since the industrial revolution happened, the environment effects of fossil fuels’ exploration and extraction is the biggest concerns for public life. To illustrate this, data collected by Marland, Boden, Andres, Brenkert and Johnston (2003) points out that the fossil fuels industry has caused the release of approximately 337 billion metric tons of carbon to atmosphere since 1751Read More Environmental Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use Essay606 Words   |  3 PagesEnvironmental Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use One of the main issues involved with fossil fuels are the environmental impacts that occur from their use. These problems; such as acid rain, oil spills, climate change, global warming, etc., are not only occurring with fossil fuel usage, but are also increasing due to the increase in the use of fossil fuels. This essay will vaguely explain the area of environmental impacts from fossil fuel use, and will attempt to change, or further increase your understandingRead MoreAlternative Energy Sources Of Fossil Fuels1701 Words   |  7 Pages the world has run on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are critical to global energy infrastructure due to their inherent advantages and generate significant economic value as a result. However, the negative economic and environmental implications of fossil fuels demands a permanent transition towards alternative energy. The world will continue to investigate alternative energy sources and must commit to them to avoid long-term environmental degradation. Ul timately, fossil fuels are on the way out, butRead MoreHow Can The United States Lessen Its Dependence On Fossil Fuels?1302 Words   |  6 PagesHow can the United States lessen its dependence on fossil fuels? Joan Milton Western Governor’s University How can the United States lessen its dependence on fossil fuels? Introduction The U.S obtains more than 84% of its energy from fossil fuels including oil, coal and natural gas. This is because people rely on it to heat their homes, power industries, run vehicles, manufacturing, and provision of electricity. It is apparent that the country’s transportation industry highly depends onRead MoreIssues Of Society : North American Environmental Pollution918 Words   |  4 PagesIssues in Society: North American Environmental Pollution Effects These days, there are up to 500 chemicals in an average human body that were not found in humans before 1920.1 Several forms of environmental pollution have the ability to intoxicate human bodies with unwanted chemicals. Pollution exists when the environment cannot break down or eliminate an object without creating negative effects. Intoxicating bodies is just one of the several harmful effects that pollution has, specifically,Read MoreThe Drilling Of The Oil922 Words   |  4 Pagesis shipped over by large tanker ships (Energy Quest 2012). Petroleum is made into various products such as gasoline/ diesel fuel, home heating oil, fertilizers, and plastic products (Energy Quest 2012). 74 percent of our oil is used for transportation including, trucks, buses, cars, and planes (Energy Quest 2012). Drilling of the oil is a costly process and has severe effects to the environment. Drilling on land requires a lot of space, disturbing the natural animal habitats, while drilling at seaRead Mo reViable Alternative Energy For Replace Fossil Fuels1724 Words   |  7 Pages Viable Alternative Energy to Replace Fossil Fuels Nauman Syed Zia University of Houston Nearly all of the United States production of energy comes from non-renewable sources, also known as fossil fuels. However, the problem with using fossil fuels to satisfy the United States ever-growing demand for power is that they are a limited resource and their production and usage cause a myriad of harmful environmental effects. There are other sources of energy available that do notRead MoreFood For Thought And Fuel For The Future1462 Words   |  6 Pages Food for Thought and Fuel for the Future When a cell phone battery is dying, plugging it in to an electrical outlet will send a flow of electricity to the battery giving it the recharge it needs for full operation. This is a perfunctory process that people do on a daily basis. But how often does anyone really think about how or where that energy source is generated? Or how about the millions of gallons of fuel all over the U.S. being pumped into vehicles to give them power, is the U.S. in jeopardyRead MoreFossil Fuels : The Source Of Energy1709 Words   |  7 Pagessociety fossil fuels are the primary source of energy for most of the industrialized world. Utilizing fossil fuels has been vital to the industrialization development. Throughout industrialization of many parts of the world, energy has been needed at a much higher density then before and fossil fuels have fulfilled that need. Coal, gas, and oil are the three major sources of fossil fuels in the world. Despite other means of energy, such as wind power, hydroelec tric power and so on, fossil fuels are stillRead MoreHow Does Human Activity Make The Greenhouse Effect Worse?993 Words   |  4 PagesGreenhouse Effect How does human activity make the greenhouse effect worse? In now day, almost every country, every people talking about environmental protection problem. One of the biggest part affecting the environmental is greenhouse effect. And the greenhouse effect getting worse that the root cause is ourselves: human activity. In life, some of the small act we never pay attention for that, but that act may be one of the cause to make the greenhouse effect worse. Fist of all, fossil fuels can make