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Digital Marketing Strategy of Brand Target-Samples for Students

Question: Analyze the Digital Marketing Strategies adapted by an Australian brand Target. Answer: Introduction Digital marketing or the data-driven marketing is a process of selling or marketing the services or the products using the digital medium or technologies (Chaffey and Bosomworth 2012). The digital marketing procedure is occurred based on the internet. The technique of this marketing using the digital media includes search engine optimization, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing and optimization, campaign marketing. Strategies and marketing plans have been developed by the companies to sell their products using the digital platform as people use more digital media than visiting physical shops (Bng and Roos 2014). The aim of this report is to design a digital marketing strategy for the Australian brand Target. The report will also identify and describe the target audience of the brand and the reasons of its failure in meeting the requirements of the targeted audience digitally. The report will show the process of implementation of the Facebook, Instagram and other digital media in its digital marketing strategies. Digital Marketing Strategy of Target Target is based on Australia and it is a mid-ranged departmental store chain and wide-ranging retail services that include food, home ware, clothing and digital goods. The retail service fulfils the daily needs of the local people. It has wide range of products and targeted audiences from different cultural and geo-political background ( 2017). The brand Target should develop a digital marketing strategy that would help it to gain customers from all ranges. Due overflowing waves of digital media and marketing, the brand has started to loss its valuable customers, as it could not develop effective digital marketing strategies. The organization, Target has its limitations in processing the services. The brand, Target did not use the digital strategies in an effective way. It has limited social media presence compare to other successful brands. The company needs to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that would help to remove the barriers and explore opportunities in the market. However, it needs to develop a customer centric brand, which would help it to organize its digital strategy. The company needs to discover the opportunities that digital marketing can create. For fulfilling this purpose, the brand Target needs to establish a customer-focused website, e-commerce, mobile app, and social media advertising and reaching to the customers by using social media. The social media strategies should aim at becoming the unique brand in the market (Ryan 2016). The brand needs digital media campaigns for utilizing the digital media platform to reach its potential customers. It may include sharing some of the best-performing content on Twitter or other social media sites. The brand needs to define the purpose or goal of its business. Then, the brand needs to analyze the targeted audiences persona, which includes analyzing their profiles, expectations and needs. Now the company could develop digital marketing by using social media platforms like website, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, google Adwords, native advertising, and paid social posts. However, the brand needs to develop plans to implement its goal to the targeted audience by using these social media platforms. After the planning program, the brand needs to execute those plans (Armstrong et al. 2015). Digital Marketing and Facebook Social media like Facebook is an important digital media tool that many brands have used for business purpose. The companies need to construct concrete strategies that would help them to achieve the business goals. The companies also need to identify the customers and the object for the market competition. Firstly, the brand needs to establish the goals and objectives, which the brand is striving for to achieve by using Facebook as the digital media platform. The posts on the facebook by the brand Target should add some values to the lives of the customers. The posts should enrich with information and value-adding criteria simultaneously. The value adding posts will be noticed more by the customers (Tiago and Verssimo 2014). The brand should provide frequent and consistent posting on the facebook wall as it is necessary to notice the posts by the customers. However, if there is more posts there is more chance to get noticed. The number of posts needs to be higher. The brand needs to post multiple times per day in between hours. The brands need to involve its customers in the posts and respond to the comments with insightful replies (Smith, Fischer and Yongjian 2012). Digital Marketing and Instagram Like facebook, Instagram is also another digital media platform that has potential to provide growth in any business. The SEOs of the companies should look into some matters that would help in online marketing strategy. The brand needs to create stylish and high-quality images and continuously post on Instagram. The company needs to execute the brand well on the Instagram and it should feature its products in each post (Chaffey 2016). The images should have some creative values. The brand needs to use hash tags, which will help the customers to discover the brand on Instagram. The brand can use its own campaign specific hash tags or popular hash tags for maximum reach. The brand needs to be partner with a non-profit organization, which would increase the brand value. The posts on the Instagram should have entertaining, useful and inspirational values that would attract the targeted audiences. The brand could promote others through its profile and in return it could demand to promote its post on others profile. This will help in getting the audiences from the others profile. Like Faccebook, the brand needs to engage its customers in Instagram as well. The brand could look for bloggers, partners and industrial influencers to follow and needs to engage them with their content. On Instagram, there is no advantage to bring all the posts in one place, however, the brand needs to like the website and other information in the Bio section of the Instagram. For details information about the company, which has been used as an example for digital marketing strategy please visit appendix. Digital Marketing and Twitter The other digital media like twitter can be implemented in the digital marketing strategy of the brand Target. Like facebook and Instagram the company needs to open a page on the twitter and fill up the biographical information. However, the brand needs to tweet on its Twitter profile whenever, the brand would launch any new product. Even, the brand needs to tweet about the upcoming product and discount sale on its Twitter page. The brand should engage its targeted customers and interact with them. Successful marketing on the twitter is very powerful and it will help to unlock the new opportunities that would help to grow business online. The ways that would be implemented on the Twitters are, sharing the information with the potential customers on daily basis, driving the customers engagement in promoting activities, networking and branding on Twitter, effective communication and interaction with the customers and reputation management (Strauss 2016). Recommendation It is recommended to implement the digital marketing strategies well for the brand Target. For this purpose, the company needs to have a search engine optimization technique. The brand even needs a professional person who is well versed in digital marketing. It is recommended to operate regularly the digital platforms and connect virtually with all related matters on the digital media. Conclusion The Brand Terget, which is an Australian brand needs to develop a healthy and efficient digital marketing strategies that would help in penetrating the market more effectively. However, the brand could use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for implementing the strategies as these are the major social media sites. The brand could utilize these platforms for reaching to people easily References Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Bng, A. and Roos, C., 2014. Digital Marketing Strategy. Chaffey, D. and Bosomworth, D., 2012. Digital marketing strategy.Implementation and Practice. Chaffey, D., 2016. Global social media research summary 2016.Smart Insights,8. Ryan, D., 2016.Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers. Smith, A.N., Fischer, E. and Yongjian, C., 2012. How does brand-related user-generated content differ across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter?.Journal of Interactive Marketing,26(2), pp.102-113. Strauss, J., 2016.E-marketing. Routledge. (2017).Target Online Shopping | Target Australia. [online] Target Australia. Available at: [Accessed 4 Oct. 2017]. Tiago, M.T.P.M.B. and Verssimo, J.M.C., 2014. Digital marketing and social media: Why bother?.Business Horizons,57(6), pp.703-708. y the autho

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