Friday, March 6, 2020

Multiple Personlality essays

Multiple Personlality essays Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder Multiple Personality Disorder is a psychological disorder in which the psychiatric exhibits two or more personalities. Some suffers of the condition have even been known to have over one hundred personalities. The personalities of a person may be different in age, sex, appearance, language, and even species (such as in to an animal or even a vegetable). This disorder is thought to have been caused by many different things. It depends on which school of thought you prefer. Some religious peoples believe that it is caused by demonic possession. A few very strange people believe that MPD is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is a gift. Others think that it is caused by an unusual brain structure. Many believe that the illness isnt an illness at all but a psychological fad or hoax created during therapy. In my opinion the most valid theory is that its caused by early childhood abuse and trauma. A minority of Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians believe that the alter personalities are in fact demons, an evil entity that is not of the individual. The way to get rid of these demons is to perform an exorcism. In this religious work using prayers and religious symbols the demon is driven out by a higher authority. Biological psychologists think that Dissiociative Identy Disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. To treat the disorder a medication is given to the patient. The medication neutralizes the imbalance in the brain and therefore puts it in balance. This theory is very believable, however I dont necessarily agree with it. There are to many micro elements which cant be seen or researched. A very large number of people think that Multiple Personality Disorder is artificially created. Children or even adults see characters in movies or books and through social learning begin to act like t ...

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