Sunday, September 22, 2019

Discuss the military campaigns and battles of Zachary Taylor in the Essay

Discuss the military campaigns and battles of Zachary Taylor in the Mexican War. How would you rate him as a commander What impact did the war have on Taylors career - Essay Example The Assault on Monterrey and Battle of Buena Vista are the other two military campaigns and battles by Taylor where he recorded notable success against the enemies. In the former, he was able to make Monterrey fall to American forces, and in the later battle, he oversaw the Mexicans withdrawing and essentially bringing to an end the northern Mexico fighting (Millett, Peter and William 206). I would rate Zachary Taylor as an accomplished and able commander. This view is informed by the fact that he was able to commandeer American forces during the Mexican War and ensured America’s victory in the War with the forces suffering fewer casualties compared to the enemy (Millett, Peter and William 231). Ultimately, after suffering enormous losses, Mexicans withdrew and the fighting in the northern Mexico ended. The war had significant impact on Taylor’s career; his victory enhanced his national reputation. After seeing the end to the conflict, he ventured into politics and easily defeated his main rival Lewis Cass in the 1848 presidential election (Roberts

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