Monday, September 2, 2019

Classification Essay - Good Books and Great Books -- Classification Es

The Difference Between Good Books and Great Books Reading is fundamental, but some books are more so than others. Surely Daniel Steele is a far cry from William Shakespeare, but what exactly is the difference? Even in the realm of quality literature there are still "good" books and "great" books. The difference between the importance of good and great books is also why it is so important to read great literature: Great books have a scope much larger than good ones. Good and great books differ by nature, not by degree. A good book is not almost a great one; a great book is a totally different creature than a good book. What makes them different is how much they pertain to the human experience. A good book may have one very important meaning, but it is a meaning that only pertains to the time in which it was written. Across the river though, a great book has many meanings. Great books also involve deeper issues, issues that are and always were part of the human experience. A good book only needs to be read once, but to realize all the different meanings of...

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