Sunday, September 8, 2019

Before Philidelphia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Before Philidelphia - Essay Example The area was rich in biodiversity especially wildlife that gave them hunting grounds. The hunting was a responsibility of the men, and they were accountable for the hunting schedules. They also stayed around a fresh water body –the Delaware river- that promoted fishing. The area also provided them with shelter where their living quarters were bark and grass covered long houses. The topography of the area gave an added advantage especially with their enemies- it is a safe statement to say that the place was secure. Moreover, the general climate was that the humans could bear- their summers was not too hot neither were their winters too cold. On the discovery of this land by Christopher Columbus, the colonists thought it was wise to put up a colony here. With a great source of water, they had an idea that it would supply their industries with water for manufacturing. Being that they were settlers, farming must have been one of the interests and the fertile soil in the area was such a blessing. There was also ready labor; the Delaware Indians were many and helped them in their daily economic activities. When it all started, the settling of the Europeans in the Delaware Indian’s land under the table hands of William Penn it was very peaceful. It is because William was one pious man who trusted in his faith convicted in peace and equality. These are the same qualities that the Delaware Indians believed in. It made Penn’s rapport with the community very intense and probably led to the end of the malicious thought (Penn, 1970). Penn was very courteous and saw it wise to send a letter before his arrival notifying the Lenape of his intentions and asking them for their permission to employ their land and live among them. The Lenape approved of his arrival in their lands, looking forward to their new relationship with the coming settlers. Penn made it as the governor of Pennsylvania where people lived in peace until he passed on.

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