Friday, October 4, 2019

The Importance Of Free Will In Regards To Morality Research Paper

The Importance Of Free Will In Regards To Morality - Research Paper Example Alex commits different crimes from mugging, breaking into stores to raping of minors. Finally, Alex is arrested during a break into an old woman’s mansion, taken to court and sentenced to fourteen years in prison. The climate environment does not suit Alex due to his violent ways and later on after befriending some prisoners, they beat up a cellmate to death. Alex finds himself in as participant in a reform treatment that utilizes Ludovico’s technique that had been under assessment (Burgess 285). Alex is put under the process of reform treatment that proves to be a bad ordeal for him after which he gets released into the society. Later, Alex continues with his old violent ways however, this time with a new gang. Finally, Alex agrees to transform after an encounter with an old comrade and his wife. In theoretical context, a typical human being has to possess the ability to choose what he or she wants to do. The ability to choose encompasses the choice between the good an d the evil that has more orientation on one’s own morality. In cases where a person cannot choose what they prefer or want on a certain matter, then they are no better than any other animal that has no ability to choose that is they cannot be considered equal human beings. The author of the novel represents the significance or importance of having a moral choice on a particular subject. The author emphasizes the importance of having a personal freewill while resolving a certain matter since one has the capacity to transform his or her own life and even become a righteous human being. In the case of Alex, the same ideology applies and finally brings him into a transformed human being with certain expectations in life. The expression of Alex’s disappointment in the dysfunctional family can be considered as one of the factors that contribute to Alex’s engagement in crime (Skjorestad 9). However, having the freewill to choose the right and wrong, he finally manages to overcome the aguish and disappointment since he finally realizes that he has for all this time causing self-destruction through engagement in crime and other undesirable behavior. The novel strengthens the point that persons who make bad choice for themselves are far much superior to the person who is forced into doing something good by another person. In the novel, the necessity of having freewill for all humans was voiced by two people these are F. Alexander and the chaplain in the prison (Newman 7). Freewill has been argued by different people including the author to be necessary for the maintenance of humanity both at individual and societal levels. In the novel, Alex has the chance to point out that revolutions can only be managed or built on freewill. However, freewill in the case of Alex violates certain aspects since the actions of Alex harms other people (Newman 7). The author agrees with the fact that Alex’s deeds do indeed cause harm to others and presents the m ain question in the novel that is whether the society should nurture the harmful freewill (Sandy 67). The author continues to argue out that the harmful free will should be nurtured or allowed since the choice of doing well is genuine therefore cannot be forced (Burgess 282). The author continues and gives the evidence in the instance where being good is forced into Alex through the ordeal presented by the Ludovico’

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