Monday, October 7, 2019

Team Performance Measurement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team Performance Measurement - Essay Example Even though performance evaluation can be a successful process that acts as a basis for human resource development in healthcare organizations, there is a likelihood of various challenges being encountered especially if some of the team members consider it to be a punitive undertaking by the management. In a situation whereby individual accomplishments are valued more than teamwork (Sangvai et al. 2008), the junior staff in the healthcare cadre may regard performance measurement as an undesirable process due to their minimal contributions in the hierarchical structure where physicians dominate leadership and public trust. Such attitudes of inferiority may hamper the process of performance measurement as some team members feel intimidated (Castka et al. 2004). Members of a team usually have different perceptions regarding their individual performance and that of others. Some perceive themselves as the top performers, which may present a challenge in the performance measurement process when the continuous feedback to the group reveals results that are contrary to their expectations. If such individuals are rated below their counterparts in the preliminary results, they are likely to be de-motivated and discontented, thereby lowering their performance. Enthusiasm of such team members to participate in subsequent performance measurement processes may decrease; hence delaying the evaluation exercise and the ultimate results (Schrader & Lawless, 2004). Even though a strong team is expected to pursue shared objectives, the different roles require individual performance evaluation so that the management can determine the career development needs for each employee (Sanwong, 2008). This presents a major challenge since the teams normal workflow is affected by the idiosyncratic approach that promotes individualism rather than collective accomplishment of tasks. Some of the team members are likely to develop a pessimistic attitude thereby reducing their

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