Friday, October 18, 2019

Research task case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research task - Case Study Example This also affects the people around them especially children who sometimes, end up being psychologically tortured. Critically thinking, the UAE is not the solution to these maids’ financial problems as it only inflicts pain on them Foreign maids from impoverished countries account for about 23% of the United Arabs Emirates population, all of them desperate to at least to make a better living. The fact that the UAE is a country with adverse resources due to their huge oil reservoirs plays a major part in attracting these foreign maids (Mallinder, n.d). Some of these maids leave their native countries having in mind that they will help their families back home fight poverty. However, on reaching the UAE, their expectations end up being flushed in the drains as working conditions end up being so terrible. It is quite evident from the above information that foreign maids operate under very poor working conditions in the UAE. Foreign maids face a number of problems that psychologically affect them (Sabban, 2012). The major problem is torture and harassment, leading to physical pain and even deformities. The second problem emanates from the long hours of work with poor pay and lack of better food. Some of these female maids get sexually abused by their employers in front of the children, affecting these children psychologically and even leading to some of these maids committing suicide. Some maids end up committing crimes like beating up and even burning the employers’ children or worse of killing the employer. As a matter of fact, most of these foreign maids come from unprivileged backgrounds and hence need more psychological help and support than psychiatric evaluation before employment to adjust to cases of unsympathetic employers (Beasley and Thomas, 1992). Moreover, it reduces cases of crimes committed by the maids by a wider margin. Moreover, the Human Rights Watch, has called on the UAE

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