Sunday, August 4, 2019

E350 Review Essay -- Product Review

Introduction Two door coupe with a V6 engine that can change the thinking of a person. Wasn’t that a confusing and a technical sentence to digest, let it be a bit easier to understand that can put some adrenaline in your thinking? The all new E350 two door car is here which has a power turbine of 6 cylinders in V Formation. Well that’s the converted one, we humans are always in search of showing the other person that you are not worth in this game. The E350 is with the same tag line as mentioned and to hell with other car manufacturers. The E350 is designed with new specifications and listed above all coupes in the Indian auto industry. Well this is a fact which cannot be changed even with the use of some technical jargons to fill up the gap. The E350 is one of the aggressive looking coupe models in the list of the Mercedes Benz. The E350 does not have any collaboration with AMG or Brabus. It is one of the sleek looking cars which have the capacity to do wonders in every possible ma nner. Step inside the E350 and get a feel of true German sports car. Having the E350 in your hands The new car has lots of space which can accommodate 4 adults in ease. Well it’s a two door car and the front seats need to be pulled ahead with force. A cup holder is present between the front and rear seats which gives the passenger some leg room. The cup holder box separates the front and rear seat area where the passenger can stretch his legs. An automatic belt feeder is present in the E350 which straps the passenger and driver. The centre console is present on the steering wheel where the belt feeder button can be activated. Electronic seats are given to the E350 which make it easy to drive the car. You can adjust them according to your needs... ...nt in the car which is activated when there is pressure in the front of the car. Bump sensors are present in the E350 which are activated when there is pressure due to mishap. Automatically doors are unlocked when an accident takes place. This is one of the wonders of enhanced engineering inventions. Cutting points are marked inside the car which is highlighted if the rescuers need to cut the vehicle. Emergency lights are activated when the car has stopped. If the accident has greater impact on the body its engine and petrol supply is cut off. Verdict The E350 is a good deal when it comes to sport driving in India. It has features which are seen in European cars. The E350 is smooth and elegant to drive. You can sense comfort and luxury right when you step inside the vehicle. Cost of the E350 is also perfect as a V6 engine delivers close output to other cars.

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