Friday, August 9, 2019

Business Etiquettes Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Etiquettes - Research Paper Example In a situation where the name is too long or complicated, the person concerned should make the name shorter or change it to a format that is easily understood. A better way of dealing with such a situation is encrypting a person’s name on a business card in a way that is readable (Giang, 2013). During business meetings, the participants should avoid pointing each other using their index fingers. Pointing with an index finger is an indicator of aggression and is inappropriate in a business environment. When pointing, the palm should be open and the fingers should not be separated to avoid making the other party uncomfortable. Some business manners or codes of conduct should be taken into consideration. When dealing with people, consideration should be made on the person’s sex because addressing a gentleman is not the same as addressing a lady. Sometimes a person can be irritated by others in a business gathering but it is important for such people to maintain their composure and stay polite (Robinson, 2000). To make a good impression as a business person, care should be taken when walking inside business premises. Business people should walk with a sense of purpose and with some level of elegancy. Weird walking styles should be avoided. Walking with purpose means that a person should not walk aimlessly and carelessly around business premises (Chaney & Martin, 2007). Grooming is an important aspect of making an impression in the business world. The hair should be neat and well kept. When it is necessary to incorporate jewelry into the dressing code, the jewelry should match the prevalent occasion. Individuals should also dress according to the occasion keeping in mind that business meetings are distinct from social gatherings (Sabath, 1993). Business people should address each other using the relevant titles. The titles vary according to the region where business activities are being carried out. For example in the Middle East you will find

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