Wednesday, August 14, 2019

America Must Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

America has to drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary Drilling oil in the arctic wildlife sanctuary is a very controversial topic. On the other hand, although There are people who want to drilling oil in order to help our economy, on the other hand, environmental protection advocates and Alaska Natives do not want to destroy their land. Our economy needs help; oil prices continue to rise, natural gas prices reach a record level, and the US is too dependent on foreign trade. Alaska drilling oil will solve these problems. In the United States, for the Arctic Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) You will need to carry out oil drilling drug addicts, is the best solution for the drug addicts, it is to make to slowly withdraw the drug. At the same time America can see dependence on oil. The United States, reduce slowly overwhelming dependence on foreign oil, in order to help find another process of large-scale energy, we need a different oil sources. - The Arctic Circle is a paradise of sno w with diverse species and beautiful scenery. Also, it is caused by oil of 13% to 25% of undiscovered crude worldwide, about 90 billion barrels average on average (Gerkens, 2014). In particular, Alaska is one of the largest oil sources in the United States. It is believed to be more than 411.2 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas under barren land and ice water. Oil drilling the United States in Alaska Wildlife Refuge is located in the northern part of northern Alaska, boasts 19 million acres of wide, rejected the oil business plan, is necessary to protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge forever Yes. . National Wildlife System Arctic evacuation centers have always been considered an unparalleled place of natural beauty and ecologically important. It is a controversial topic to establish an Arctic shelter and protect the offshore oil wells as oil leaks may cause huge damage to the environment. In countries where oil can be extracted from the ocean, in addition to reducing dependence on external oils, economic benefits can be gained. Offshore drilling is a major benefit for these countries, but there is no conflict, but the environmental impact of the outflow affects the economic well-being of neighboring residents. Drilling oil from the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary (ANWR) is a serious problem for environmentalists and the future of the United States. Whether Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary should start oil extraction. In this article I will explain whether to allow oil extraction to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. This also shows the environmental impact and I will present a critical analysis of the current excavation problem. - Preparation of the feasibility study of Kansas central protuberance for the intended use in a random decision tree analysis of a new drilling program. Operating Company Texas Midland Note - A brief description of the TTU Seal in the background My Master Project Includes Kansas Central Propen sity Exploration Program Feasibility Study

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