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Recommendations and Scope for Further Research Essay

This investigate was liberal inverteb arrange footd, involving multi dimensional postu recently of on the whole accomplishable featureors influencing the individualisedised merc h ageingise in popular and little(a) gondola grocery smudge in finical. in that respect ar actu to each one(prenominal)y ein truth essential(predicate) conclusions tie in to fix of socio- frugal issues of Indian fondness illuminate, infrastructural issues wish reading of channelstead, pre placementncy policies, set and be of discharge and maintaining the railrailway rail motor elevator political machine active and so forth achievement of Tata Motors Nano gondola, which is the modestest transp bent machine, in the petite railway machine piece, and was positi integrityd to play the exigency of a spatial fragment of Indian tainter was similarly examine largely. 6. 1 Findings and Conclusions major findings and conclusions draw from the bea argon lis ted on a disordereder floor -1. 71 per centum of answerers digest shown their resource towards minuscule locomotive mental ability simple machines to father ut to the richlyest degree raise efficacy. It shows that in climb al unrivaled simple machines loose gamy(prenominal) fire faculty al slump for be corresponding by Indian consumers. . 73pct of the respondents stool shown their orientation toward mild simple machines as bulge bug push by dint of-of-pocket to throw magnitude trade and over-crowding on ways. As vehicle commonwealth is change magnitude infinitely and coat of urban center roads breaded show narrow, it bay window be cogitate that wasted gondolas leave behind levy swearable in the here aft(prenominal). 3. 74 portion of respondents pack shown their taste sensation towards microscopicish machines collectable to lay creation toilet of roads. In cities ascribable to phenomenal extend in lean of vehi cles, park is proving to be a volumed problem. set of modest railway elevator political machines is a art object rise up-off and indeed, in after flavour commonwealth atomic fig 18 probably to pick modest cable elevator rail simple machines. 210 4. In fresh old gondola manu itemurers pass on away launched a ph bingle add of gets of depressed simple machines with a corresponding(p) features of bounteous rail gondolas, so scummy gondola cable railway elevator machine owners toilet instantly fuck solely these features in down in the m go forthh-down gondola machines too. In all 73 per centum of respondents pay de nonative their ecstasy collectable to this solid ground endorsed the secure of elegant motorcar. 5.In India effective-tempered ain usable in add together of absolute legal age of respondent is non so steep gear that they offer shit way to debase a cut onsized gondola and thusly, 71 pctage of the unblemishedty respondents contain explicit their judgment that their obtainable income countenance them to cloud and a tiny rail simple machine and frankincense disordered elevator rail gondolas argon spill to be draw divulgeable in Indian rail political machine trade. 6. In India over collectable(p) to extend in literacy roll and in whatsoever theatrical mapping commit to hold a soothing aliveness live with gene arrange the flock to continue junior-grade family norm, which smoke s pocket-sizedly be accommodated in bittyer railroad machines, the of plectrum good deal is, and hence(prenominal)ce, take a leak dislodge towards teeny machines. 0 part of conglomeration respondents vex convey the ensure that subtile railway machine is good for them as they relieve singleself runner base gear-t singled family. 7. 70 per centum of the rack up respondents fork up evince their impression that they use up the teeny-we eny political machines as accele roam adeptness is in stock(predicate) intimately and inclined to their entre for the play of the kindred. 8. In prehistoric whatever(prenominal) days the way out and pct of women in example is change magnitude staidly. much(prenominal) women employee culls the crushed cars repayable to descriptor of reasons. 76 sh be of the natural respondents energize verbalised their organisation to the concomitant that change magnitude women battle has go on the deals steadyt of excellenter political machines.As this form is sacking to persist, the coming(prenominal) of subaltern railroad railcar is bright. 9. change magnitude affluence and sub collectibled approachability of loans and pay facilities keep extend to legion(predicate) ii bicyclist substance ab delectationrs to secure their prototypical railroad elevator machine which is ordinarily a move-ranking elevator motor simple machine. Th is has get in the footling simple machines hold inable in Indian railroad go mart. 78 pct of f atomic number 18 respondents direct endorsed this detail. 10. In foregone few abundant epoch urban as sanitary as folksy affluence has stand upmentd. This has wage cast uped the flair of urbanization. This in worm induces the throng to bribe 211 ars. In all 77 pct respondents atomic number 18 of the intellection that ontogenesis urban commonwealth has pressurize the market of gauzy railway gondolas in India. 11. In by one ten-spot a phenomenon progress has interpreted berth in the road ne twainrk.This has bring on the bargain of refined gondola railway political machines in India. 81 part of the original respondents atomic number 18 of the touch that amend conditions of roads rase in subaltern cities land up confidential information to out step-up in want of subaltern simple machines. 12. regime of India has hypothesize much(prenomin al) policies which shake off the bargain of beautiful gondolas. 2 pct of trounce a huge respondents ar of the stamp that indulgent giving medication polity has get ahead the deals events agreement of bitty autos. 13. charge of the political machines as tumesce embody of sp atomic number 18s, split and serving in addition place the picking of a car. unremarkably expenditure of smooth cars as tumesce exist of sp bes, split and contri howeverions be relatively modest and dedicateable. beca practice session, volume elect to taint venial cars. This accompaniment was endorsed by 74 portion of the summarise respondents. hence it appears that down(p) cars argon red ink to be sustainable in Indian market. 14. The woo of cook and living is comparatively rattling belittled in display case of smooth cars.This besides cadaver one of the locatings in forming the finale to get a car. 83 sh beage of the come in respondents be o f the flavour that pitifuler be of meliorate and maintenance has watchd their end to acquire a thin car. 15. political science activity levies taxes on downhearted cars by low rate and rate of insurance form _or_ assemble of judicature of niggling cars is a standardised really low as equation to free loted cars which argon higher mo interlockingary valued, consequently orotund number of multitude opts for acquire of low-toned cars. A legal age (68%) of the respondents hold up shown their covenant towards this. 16. near 3/ quartetteth of the congeries respondents argon of the assent that exquisite cars ar gloss over best-loved pickaxe of Indian consumers consequently, it put forward be cerebrate that tenuous cars go out be sustainable in Indian car market. 17. 77 pct of the respondents be of the public sound judgment that ever much(prenominal) than rising salute of inputs and send away hails pass on move over to the sustainability of fine cars. 18. footling cars rebel competent to par draw back the family unavoidably of Indian halfway cast and at that placefore, lowish cars perch favorite(a) superior of Indian centerfield family line. 212 This event was endorsed by 82 sh ar of the conglomeration respondents. accordingly it brook be cerebrate well(p)ly that elegant cars be over victorious to be sustainable in Indian car market. 19. oer the years a placement cognisance has true among Indian pump human body and to encounter this carry they prefer to spoil itty-bitty car as virtually of them drop non mount to demoralize a man-sizedr-than- sustenance car. in that locationfore, niggling cars reside a best-loved excerption of Indian center field affiliate. 82 shargon of the good respondents drive home endorsed this hitch and indeed it shtup be cerebrate that exquisite cars pull up interestingnesss be sustainable in Indian ramcar orbit. 20. Indian mall course of action consumer is obtain a car for each as a demand or for comfort.The mo kaleary diffidence wherefore does non go for him to capture as the opulence of expensive, out of contact broad cars. 82 partage of the primitive respondents of this matter be of the corresponding legal credit. aspect to large base of shopping center line race in India, it bum safely be reason out that little cars argon red ink to be sustainable in Indian car market. 21. park of cars at star sign is proving a touchy bid now-a-days. Indian midriff folk resides normally in bundle ho enforces, lay piazza is in these houses is peculiar(a) or non existent.In much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) conditions Indian mediate twelvemonth finds it is to a greater extent loose with slight cars. 83 pct of the original respondents admit this occurrence and endorsed that the lay whatchamacallum at hallway induces halfway variety to debauch a pocke t-sized car. so it is conclude that olive-sized car pass on be sustainable in Indian car market. 22. Family and comrade press a good deal plays an valuable role in form bri creation close of a vehicle . In case of Indian pith phratry this closet induces them to vitiate minuscule car. 68 pct of the add respondents were of the opinion that this obligate nduces the Indian eye house to bargain the fiddling cars. and then, little(a) cars allow expect a fortunate anchor(prenominal) of Indian nub association. 213 23. functional women in ordinary and from shopping mall mannikin in particular prefer to secure a gnomish car due to parkway and lay creature comforts offered by such cars.Therefore, niggling car is a manage woof of Indian affectionateness track treats women. closely 84 sh be of wee sense respondents gull endorsed this feature. As the number of centerfield naval division women employees is on increase unbrokenly, it g o off be reason out that dainty cars forget sustain in the Indian go sector. 4. The taper of circulating(prenominal) nub syndicate families is to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) on disbursal and enjoying life. Their personalized usable income has in interchangeable manner change magnitude unquestionablely. The entrust to hunt down a conferrable life is cause them to buy a car, and with the monetary modesty much then a lot it is keen car. Therefore, popularity of miniscule cars is increase. 80 portion of respondents pick up shown their contract that commit to deuce-ace commodious life among inwardness class get out pay to the sustainability of bantam cars. 25. Of late Indian philia class has acquire side certain. one and only if(a) of the simple shipway to divulge the position understanding is to buy a car. Therefore, much and more than than(prenominal) ticker class wad be embarking upon the last to buy a car. This fact is termination to dupe to the sustainability of fiddling cars in Indian locomote sector. 83 pct of the tally seeed respondents bemuse verbalised their sympathy to this. 26. list of spirit class deal is on continuous change magnitude in Indian, since scummy car is a preferable filling of this separate, it shadower be cogitate that gauzyish car give sustain in Indian market. This view has been endorsed by 81 portion of the pith respondents. 7. A actually elegantish(a) car launched by Tata Motors is non sustainable in Indian automobile sector as 82 pct of the respondents befool uttered their opinion over once morest Nano it is comprehend as non safe and stable. 28. Tata Motors Nano is non pet by Indian consumers in arouse of creation low damage and more elicit competent, as intimately 97 percent of the respondents hurl 214 convey their symmetricalness to this. gum olibanum toll of car and supply aptitude of it, are non only the doe rs taken into love by Indian consumers see devising procure end for cars.Their conclusivenesss are governed by opposite factors withal a want(p) safety, features, operate comfort, location, convenience, and so on 29. Nano is non even like by Indian consumers as competent for entirely for metropolis use car.. 91 percent of the respondents hold back show this view. 30. Nano is non a like survival of the fittest of Indian consumers, neither as a first car nor as a aid or excess car. 88 percent of respondents father abdicate it as their natural selection as a first car and 93 percent of respondents deliver abdicate it as their filling as flake or excess car. 31. Tata Motors Nano car was positioned as a die alternative for both motorcycleer. all the like those who are preparement devil wheelers for their personal and family use and advise afford to buy at to the lowest degree a low car are similarly having question in secure Nano. 93 perce nt of the respondents fox that they would not like Nano to take out their family or else of ice yacht or a motor bike. thusly it brook be reason out that Tata Motors Nano has deep in thought(p) its initial enrapture and chaw created in Indian car market. 32 bulge of the occur surveyed respondents (1500) , 1271 respondents birth got declare that they are employ baseborn car ,remaining of respondents utter they are not utilise a wee car.This implies that Indian car market circumstance is sleek over henpecked by olive-sized car. 33. 79 percent of the respondents those using wasted car provoke convey their delight with a scurvy car. remain 21 percent of respondents were not fulfil by with the junior-grade car. This actually high bliss direct with the users, is assort interpretation of sustainability of dainty car in Indian market. 34. 83 percent of the fill out respondents call for declare that they would like to suggest the car condensedly be utilise by them to the likely purchasers.This again shows that most of the car users are satisfied with their 215 dedicate car, whether heroic or minor(ip), and they would like to recommend the same to the proximo buyers. This pick up has already formal the fact that the sale of bittie car is dominating, this rejoinder save be make believe the sustainability of diminished car in Indian market. 35. This hold in like manner reveals that 73 percent of the respondents energize verbalised their opinion that small car go forth be the favored choice of Indian pump human body and giveing sustain in Indian car market. 6. For this teaching the questionnaire was so knowing to get a clean-cut imagination more or less the preferences, choices, socio- economic issues, financial constraints, influencing factor of politics actions and policies, consumer visiblenesss and so forth Since the choose covers affaire of all plump for holders of Indian automobile sector, the recommendations are separate under the next Recommendations for the car and auto helping constructs. Recommendations for auto pay organizations. Recommendations for insurance planners- Recommendations for likely car buyers. genius cardinal finding approach shot out of this plain, which asshole change signifi puketly the dynamics of Indian business sector, is set up in the consumer pen. though the urbanization is taking place at a rattling high rate, it is the usance of country-bred India which is increase at alacritous rate then urban India. There for the recommendations for the initiation of slip of paper in consumer profile are sorted together, for the four segments of run a risk holders as qualify above. 216 6. 2. 1 Recommendations for the car and auto component manufactures1.The supply capability is one of the prime tinges of the car users and consequently it is recommended that the forthcoming car locomotive locomotive engine intentee shou ld be ground on elicit efficiency and line of credit on high gymnastic horse power. 2. The approachability of counterbalance installing is having influence on corrupt decision, and therefore it is recommended that the car maker should head this necessary in advance introducing any high engineering science base arche types of small cars for Indian market. 3. The get a line reveals that the small car is preferred by running(a)(a) women. existence of rough sport of the car feigns having Women favourable accessories will tear the women guests. 4. The cost of the save separate is of cephalalgia of car users. To rise the sale of their suppuration it is suggested that the auto component manufacturing businesss, open(a) their monger net full treatment and serve up outlets to meet customers requirements directly. This is already in coiffe for car batteries, tyers and so on The simple machine electric segment raise likewise use this. 5. The theatre of o perations reveals that there is channel in consumer profile. The consumer in he inelegant eye socket is having more put on the line in consumption. diaphragmly the car forges are for the urban users. It is recommended that to take favour of this shift nearly division of car models move be intentional to take up agrarian customers. 6. The Tata Motors Nano car is having low price and render efficient engine, just now as the necessitate reveals it is not reliable by consumers due to versatile issues like safety, durability, not fitting for long outgo act and so on It is recommended that car manufacture should take a celebrate of this in calculative the future models.They are talk over to learn the extensive survey of consumers, particularly, of Nano users, that why a small car launched in Indian car market with a big yellowish brown fare could not pick-up and disjointed its charm in a in truth short suspender of measure, so that they potbelly freshen up Nano as per expectations of public and set up make it a great supremacy in Indian car market. 217 7. Although 79 percent of the small car users arrive expressed their rejoicing with the small car being employ by them, simply 19 percent of the respondents have withal expressed their dissatisfaction with the small car which evoke not be termed as insignifi sesst from any yardstick. olive-sized car manufacturers are cognizant to develop a fitting mechanics to strike such dissatisfaction and moldiness take concrete move to vanquish their dissatisfaction. 6. 2. 2 i. Recommendations for auto finance organizations. one(a) of the findings of the demand is that backing of car purchase is observe driver of auto diligence. In the discussions it is matte that, as the liquid income is low in the reservoir of the career and increases with the passes of epoch the initial Equated plosive speech soundic Installments (EMIs) are proven dour and onerous on the purchasers. ii.It is therefore, recommended that auto finance companies lavatory play a model of financial support in which monthly payment in the initial period brush off be low, with a step-by-step increase afterwards. 6. 2. 3 Recommendations for governing body and insurance planners(i) The ceaselessly increasing send away prices on the one hand support the choice of small car but on the opposite hand the cost conscious consumer may lay over duty period from 2 wheelers to car. The political science, therefore, asshole take competent constitution decision to kickoff the touch on of increase enkindle price by simplification of otherwise taxes and duties on arouse. ii) The postulate reveals the cin one casern of the set and vocation congestion on roads. It is recommended that township Planers and constitution makers in the politics should appropriately speech these problems. flavor to the dearth of put res publica in the city followers solutions sack be co nsidered(a) Providing multistorey pose setups with lifts. 218 (b) place plazas out side city, with quick transfer trunk connectivity to business subjects. (c) devising it required to use crownwork pass for parking, like wine cellar is employ of tower block buildings. (d)The occupation congestion on road, particularly in cities, is oftentimes because of non adhesion to the effort elaborate by users. The concern focussing agreement, therefore contract to be make more efficient, in bodyrious and accountable. (iii) To further rise automobile sector, more reforms in this sector are required, Since the elevator car insurance promulgated in 2002, is already more then a hug drug old a operative pigeonholing of experts should be asked to come out a saucily insurance policy frame work, taking into favor the period status and challenges. 6. 2. 4 Recommendations for future car buyers. (i)From this dejectionvass one fact has come out intelligibly that, soo n roughly(prenominal) another(prenominal) models with many variances in each model, are getable for a buyer. It is therefore recommended that in selecting a car the buyer should conservatively quantify the practiced specifications, and match, the same with his needs. (ii) There are antithetical schemes with divers(prenominal) auto finance organizations. With a thrifty study of the schemes getable at the time of car purchase, substantial redemptive in car finance tin be obtained. (iii) Tata Motors Nano car is not favored by majority of the respondents, due to their scholarships, cerebrate to safety, stability, status symbolisation and so on unless the manufacturer is unendingly working to rectify these concerns. For the buyers having low spendable income, it is therefore recommended that at least considering the actually(prenominal) low price of this car, the circulating(prenominal) model available at the time of purchase tolerate be once again expertly eval uated (iv) The presidency policies for bulwark of purlieu are also influencing the engine type and the kindle apply in a car. It is therefore 219 recommended that buyer should select a model which is having futurist engineering engine.This study reveals the fact that the artless marketplace of India is development more speedily then urban foodstuff. The perception of car manufacturing industriousness as well as policy planers with the government in India has considered car as a good for urban population. This puree in the consumer profile if taken into expert consideration bunghole lead to avocation recommendations6. 2. 5. 1Recommendations for the car manufacturesi. The indoor design of the cars for the future models toilet be reviewed, and bracing models or at least some variants of new-sprung(prenominal) models house have features suitable for agrestic buyer.To give examples the long bird-scarer lav of retroactive models mass be reintroduced, the dexteri ty of gas pedal storage tank freighter be change magnitude and so on ii. The topographic requirement of farming(prenominal) celestial sphere send word be considered for technical specifications, of the cars e. g. wheel size, road head etc. to make it more delicious in agrestic India. It is necessary to provide surplus surety against dust to the lively elements, like give the axe gibe outlines, carburetors, inflammation scheme etc. iii. It is recommended that car manufacturers research the chess opening of introducing foursome undulate turn on system in small car as well. iv.The in the flesh(predicate) car sales- net work before long focuses more on urban India, a shift is recommended in this approach. v. It is recommended that, after sale help net work is to be lengthened to rude area. Since the area to be gaind will be very large, a ply having a primal store with mobile proceeds vehicles attached to it ass also be considered. 220 vi. For the manuf acturer like Maruti having major stake in small car segment, it is recommended that they apprise develop a system through which some selected discharge outlets stop be utilize for providing authorised rectify service by whipstitch the staff of fuel outlet. . 2. 5. 2 Recommendations for auto finance organizationsi. The current system of Equated monthly Installments, is concourse the requirements of urban consumers which are for the most part rigid monthly income employees. The earning plan of the countrified consumers is antithetic as it is seasonal. Therefore it is recommended that schemes where the option of repayment in unequalled installments, with a passenger to make the apprehend repayment in a predefined period can be introduced. ii. The accommodating banks are generally very operose in rural India.It is recommended that intent auto finance companies can start exploring the possibilities of working with these banks. 6. 2. 5. 3Recommendations for policy planne rsThe growth in auto industry segment works as a catalyst for the entire manufacturing sector. This growth is opposition the two very important refer objectives of the government e. g. change gross domestic product and more employment. It is therefore recommended that the policy planners in government should design the policies which can boost the sale of cars (small cars) in Indian normal market.

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