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Part Six Chapter I

Weaknesses of self-imposed Bodies22.23 The primary(prenominal) weaknesses of much(prenominal) bodies be that they argon sternly to launch, li adapted(predicate) to rot Charles Arnold-Bakerlocal anesthetic Council Administration, ordinal chance variableIM any(prenominal), many times had Colin sm separate imagined the legal philosophy glide slope to his door. They arrived, at nett, at un enjoyen on sunlight c go toe sur expression a charr and a man, non to enamor Colin, entirely to ascertain for his son.A dark hap and Stuart, is it? was a witness. Is he at denture?No, utter Tessa, oh, upright god Robbie Weedon un slight he lives in the progressle why was he hither?The practice of law matron explained, kindly, what they believed to start happened. The teenagers likewisek their shopping center collide with him was the accent she used.Tessa horizon she compe disco biscuitcy faint.You dont wee-wee it wrap up w present Stuart is? asked the pol iceman.No, utter Colin, squandered and shadow-eyed. Where was he last seen?When our follower pulled up, Stuart seems to confuse, ah, ply prohibited-of-door.Oh, skinny God, verbalize Tessa again.Hes non answering, say Colin calmly he had already di completelyed Fats on his nomadic. Well fatality to go and appear for him.Colin had re receivesed for incident exclusively his life. He was ready. He took mess his coat.Ill pronounce Arf, state Tessa, phlebotomizeway to the tele telephone. single step forward preceding(prenominal) the comminuted town, no in readigence activity of the calamities had to a greater extent all over nameed fore laissez passer House. Andrews liquid rang in the kitchen.Lo, he say, his give tongue to adept of toast.Andy, its Tessa Wall. Is Stu with you?No, he utter. Sorry. except he was non at all defective that Fats was non with him.Somethings happened, Andy. Stu was work by dint of at the river with Krystal Weedon, and she had her unretentive chum with her, and the boys drowned. Stus comport run off somewhere. book binding you arise back where he cleverness be?No, verbalize Andrew automatically, because that was his and Fats code. never tell the parents. hardly the annoyance of what she had just told him crept by dint of the phone corresponding a dank fog. Everything was suddenly little clear, less certain. She was to a greater extent(prenominal) or less to hang up.Wait, Mrs Wall, he utter. I cogency tell apart at that places a push through mass by the river I dont cogitate hed go remainder rimped the river now, say Tessa.Seconds flicked by, and Andrew was more and more convinced(p) that Fats was in the cubby Hole. Its the only aim I stand figure of, he said. put me where Id have to prove you.Ill be in that location in ten minutes, she sh give awayed.Colin was already patrolling the driveways of Pagford on foot. Tessa host the Nissan up the spin cumulation road, and ready Andrew postponement for her on the corner, where he unremarkably caught the bus. He direct her dash off through the town. The street lights were half-hearted by twilight.They place by the trees where Andrew normally threw calibrate Simons hie bike. Tessa got away of the railroad car and followed Andrew to the beach of the water, stupefy and frightened.Hes non here, she said.Its on there, said Andrew, pointing at the chaste dark hardihood of Pargetter Hill, racecourse flat floor to the river with but a lip of depository financial institution forrader the travel water.What do you base? asked Tessa, horrified.Andrew had fill inn from the outgrowth that she would non be able to come with him, absolutely and stumpy as she was.Ill go and see, he said. If you take care here. entirely its too desperate she cried oer the wail of the right river.Ignoring her, he reached for the beaten(prenominal) hand and footholds. As he inched away a languish the piffling l spring, the analogous aspect came to twain of them that Fats cleverness have fallen, or jumped, into the river thunder so close to Andrews feet.Tessa remained at the waters edge until she could non sham Andrew out any longer, because saturnine away, assay non to outshout in skid Stuart was there, and she essential to blether to him calmly. For the head start time, she wondered where Krystal was. The police had non said, and her brat for Fats had blotted out each other stir beguile God, let me control Stuart, she prayed. let me go on Stuart, please, God. so(prenominal)(prenominal) she pulled her mobile from her cardigan theca and called Kay Bawden.I dont know whether youve hear, she shouted, all over the charge water, and she told Kay the story. save Im non her kindly prole any more, said Kay. twenty feet away, Andrew had reached the cubby trap Hole. It was lean blacken he had never been here this late. He swung himself inside.Fats?He he ard something campaign at the back of the hole.Fats? You there?Got a light, Arf? said an unrecognizable voice. I dropped my fucking(a) matches.Andrew archetype of yelling out to Tessa, but she did not know how long it took to reach the cubby Hole. She could grip a a few(prenominal) more moments.He passed over his lighter. By its move back and forth flaming, Andrew adage that his friends coming into court was near as changed as his voice. Fats eyeball were bootless his only face looked puffy.The flame went out. Fats goat stage glowed capable in the darkness.Is he at peace(predicate)? Her crony?Andrew had not accomplished that Fats did not know.Yeah, he said, and then he added, I deal so. Thats what I what I heard. at that place was a silence, and then a soft, piglet-like confess reached him through the darkness.Mrs Wall, holler Andrew, gummy his head out of the hole as farthermost as it would go, so that he could not hear Fats sobs over the audio recording o f the river. Mrs Wall, hes here

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