Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sex In Our Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sex In Our Society - Essay Example 113). I agree with Joyce Garity that some of the adverts in teen fashion magazines are to blame for deteriorating morals in the society. The adverts are too suggestive that they end up brain washing the innocent children. An advertisement of Liz Claiborne fragrances showing a couple sprawled on their bed is a perfect example. After seeing this, the teenagers start fantasizing and would be tempted to think that their life is not complete if they are not practising the same. They end up trying this, and before they know it, the worst has happened and the consequences are with them. In addition, it is absurd to feature a naked girl in a teen magazine in the name of advertising cologne. Though the company sales will go up, it is not worth the harm it is causing the society. Above buying the cologne, the teenagers may be tempted to pose naked like the girl in the advert. In their minds, they are out to be famous among their peers. However, they may end up engaging in sexual activities that would ruin their young lives (Soble, 2008, P. 96). As Joyce Garity states, any teenager would be excited to see a young couple display affection publicly. In an advert, a young girl is laying on a luxurious bed in a dimly light room with her lover making her nails. If a suggestive picture like this has to appear in a magazine, it should not be a teenage magazine. Teenagers’ minds are easily washed away by anything they lay their eyes on. Within no time, they will go out experimenting on things that may ruin their lives. Teenagers’ world is full of sexual spontaneity and playfulness. They will take less or no time thinking about a responsible life. Instead, they admire musicians, actors, rock stars and other celebrities whose lives are full of sexual drama. These are their role models, and their talk is about which musician has slept with many women. The young adults rush to the

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